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"Interest bully " 3 type take Wen Zhou
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It may be said of Chinese dressing market is nimbus flies cross.
International tycoon has nest, combination family name of benefit China, go smoothly is delicate the source. Li Jin of homebred old brand is written down, day of happy, Wang Shouyi, sea, hot girl waits for the madam. The interest of company of Guangdong fine a person of extraordinary powers bully dressing is the professional dressing that locates cooking of wine shop of Yu Zhonggao archives is used. In with the Zhejiang with Hangzhou side famous dish develop area already take cities and seize territory, only alone Wen Zhou is piece " upland " .

Devise clever strategies change bad to be actor

In market of lukewarm city meal, the dressing of the nest and " drive makes the one emperor that taste soup " the position consolidates. The decision-making layer of the company is opposite in the course the development of competitive brand product is analysed and with oneself advocate after hitting a product to undertake be comparatived meticulously, reached following a few conclusion: The first, of competitive brand famous spend prep above interest bully. Competitive brand has already those who face a hotel is professional product, also have the product of in a popular style that exceeds homeward front courtyard through business. Interest bully, what face a hotel only however is professional product, a few business that divides Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen in the mainland exceeds outside, interest bully does not offer money without exception. If the inferior position of interest bully changes the word with proper way, can become a dominant position: Make hotel market only, appear more professional! Nevertheless, this need have the aid of is mixed at a very good communication platform communication means. The 2nd, from the point of the angle of product quality, emulative brand product is mixed interest bully is in the level that comparative. Contest is tasted is powdery substance, the main product of interest bully is to exceed concentrated mash. "Super- condense " it is interest bully and contest article compare in sexual price on the advantage. What need makes clear is: The large kitchen of the hotel people had been used to using contest to taste mostly, because of large kitchen people need not mediate afresh tick off add, use rise convenient: And the mash of interest bully is to exceed those who condense, need large kitchen people him Gou Duihe is harmonic, although not be what big question, but want large kitchen after all people many unit operation of cargo handling, and need learns beforehand. Well-known: A new product is on the market with intense competition, want from the client is snatched over there adversary, what use opponent compares when the customer that one of essential product features must invite you namely is using your product is more relaxed. This, it is the horizontal stroke is in another before interest bully " cage " ! Fortunately the forum from the back comes " action " -- enrol through this, reflect its to specialization feature. The 3rd, from the point of the relation with agency, because the manufacturer of emulative brand product is transnational corporation, its lack certain flexibility to selling the execution of policy. On region market, agency people the sale policy that feels oneself are passive land executive company is made mostly normally. The opinion that a few agency serve in the light of terminal user and proposal are adopted less or it is to did not react, these agency lack due initiative to the promotion of the product, should not talk about in the light of the individual character of different region market creativity ground to develop promotion activity more. Some people are to have his among them " idea " , want to have enough market operation to go up again " flexibility " , can carry out on the concerned issue demand that they often handle in the market of executive supplier that is to say " go out of form " , the market control of the supplier that has transnational corporation background to these causes certain difficulty. If where,a few reliable partners choose among them, it is interest bully is in this break out of an encirclement whether a successful crucial factor. The 4th, the operation that extends from the terminal market of emulative brand product looks on gimmick, agency people need spends more him energy to do, and interest bully is he opens terminal market first normally, give agency, and agency of bend force help has been done serve and defend the work further. "Shan Yu is about to come wind full building " , through the plan, the market of lukewarm city of a take by strategy " interest bully 3 type " give heat sadly...
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