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The secret of sale of type of Bao Jie CCTV
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In July 2005, as Guo Zhenxi vice director of center of information of economy of preferment CCTV advertisement holds economic channel chief inspector concurrently, the Xia Hongbo that ever held the position of several years of vice directors in CCTV ad department replaces Guo Zhenxi to become new chairman. As a result of the replace of human affairs, the trend of CCTV invite public bidding this year is clear more the attention that affecting industry.

On September 26, invite public bidding of gold resource advertisement showed the CCTV first times 2006 can be in Beijing Meideya 2 buildings are muti_function hall is held. Although CCTV ad department began to undertake limitative to joining the person that meet from this year, do not accept " have nothing to do " enterprise, but the delegate that comes from enterprise and ad firm still exceeded 500 people, the acceptance that was head and shoulders above an assembly room ability.

On October 12, CCTV ad department moves division Shanghai, in Shanghai baud hall of graceful hotel marble holds specification of invite public bidding to meet again. Of Shanghai assembly room explode full extent exceeded Beijing even, the passageway of the assembly room also stands full person.

Come from September in November, build to give the invite public bidding this year congress situation, CCTV ad department is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macao to wait early or late held 11 advertisement invite public bidding " the way develops " . Almost field field is " exceptionally grand occasion " .

Virgin Yu Guozhen the advertisement invite public bidding of royal seal times " the way develops " produced main effect undoubtedly to draw the distance of close client and CCTV, excitement that causes a client. The word that uses Xia Hongbo says: From the point of contemporary sale viewpoint, "Good wine also is afraid of alley child deep " , the advertisement resource of media also is commodity, same need undertakes popularizing.

In the backside that divine anger about trifles decides, xia Hongbo's task is not easy: 2005, the task of ad department is to finish 8.5 billion yuan income; Nature of invite public bidding of 2006 year advertisement also should compare 5.248 billion yuan on one year to have apparent breakthrough.

As we have learned, the 1/3 that holds CCTV advertisement gross earnings every year through the income that advertisement invite public bidding realizes is strong. Can say, the amount of invite public bidding is deciding the crop of CCTV ad the coming year.

2005 CCTV advertisement gold paragraph on congress of invite public bidding, guo Zhenxi alleges to media: "Annual the night that November 18 is newly-married. " complacent be in overtones with excitement.

This year on November 18 to Xia Hongbo will be what kind of a day? Answer to a riddle was about very quickly to announce.

Lab of Chinese market sale

From December 1979 CCTV begins to broadcast the first to collect fees advertisement, the advertisement annual ring of CCTV had grown 26 rounds; From November 1994 CCTV first time holds advertisement invite public bidding, of CCTV had held invite public bidding 11 times early or late.
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