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" without extremely " 100 million yuan make ad costly sale can help Chinese moti
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Be called by Guangzhou person " big battle " film sale offensive, this year December, make a person suffocative come almost -- , afterwards on December 1 of Chen Kexin " if · loves " pull open behind the curtain of foreword of countrywide He Sui schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, of old paean " without extremely " , Zhang Yi seeks " a thousand li walks along Chan Qi " and of Liu Zhenwei " affection insane mahatma " also join battle group in succession.

It is reported, be in tomorrow, " a thousand li walks along Chan Qi " fly upwards what be in Guangzhou above all shadow city makes field of lead public praise show. This also is regarded as a kind of method of this sale. "The He Sui schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater this year, it is homebred completely almost piece the world. " a personage inside movie industry points out. Because have the operation of a lot of and celebrated director and sale ace, film market of China greeted picture of a prosperity it seems that. The reporter understands, homebred 2005 film predicts to exceed 260, annual produce will achieve 4.6 billion yuan, hopeful increases 1 billion yuan again on the foundation last year.

However, the expert points out, although in recent years year after year of Chinese film production value increases, but opposite at having the state of 1.3 billion population for, still appear very delicate in health. And wind of costly to what grow in intensity sale, whether rescue Chinese film, he expresses to suspect.

Sale offensive becomes the game that burn money

Although just view the sale budget of departmental film, sufficient already made a person be left speechless with wonder or fear: " without extremely " hit advertising expenses to exceed 100 million yuan, " a thousand li walks along Chan Qi " premiere costs 18 million yuan, " if · loves " also brandish gold does PARTY 10 million yuan. "Since November 28, " without extremely " centrally, 3, 5, begin 6 sets to broadcast advertisement. " concerned personage discloses. And will hold on December 15 " without extremely " the whole world is fair mirror, criterion by exceed assume leadership of Wang Ping of female total director, introduce nowadays to have the market most " interactive " means, "The sea is chosen " filmgoer watchs first show freely.

This still is not costly sale is all. The reporter learns, shanghai always China film city 14 days " without extremely " premiere, already placed 1888 yuan history go up highest fare record, and be restricted make work ticket of 32 pieces of audiences. "Without extremely, it is not to have place really need not its extremely! " a king surname audience plaints the ground tells a reporter, 1888 yuan, be equivalent to common National People's Congress half salary of month of whole even month. And according to saying, sponsorring honest opinion is to want body to reveal " 3 tall " concept: Put highest grade this year film in the whole nation's box-office and top last year cinema to meet top end audience. Original, everyman is not at all the consideration.
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