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Mobile phone market: Touch when the technology on capital
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On August 18, 2005, lira of Shenzhen sweet case, of boudoir of many 100 deep house " beautiful girl " be opened eventually mysterious face guard, with many 300 mammon that comes from countrywide each district father trysts, the mobile phone trade that says with its this is a model is beautiful, be inferior to saying is drama of a contemporary affection was pulled open eventually prelusive. How does the gut that everybody is rising and fall to daedal free and easy deduce wait and see what happens!

If say company of research and development of mobile phone design is " flower " , business of bag of country of manufacturer of so homebred brand, mobile phone is deflower " butterfly " , ecbolic life is popular mobile phone, " the machine that stick a card " , still have posthumous child even.  

By 2004, the firm of painful brand of homebred mobile phone that experiences shortage increases the investment of the design considerably. This expectation alleviates with this the pressure that market small gain brings, but most manufacturer cost money, incur loss through delay after time, do not have improvement. As the country concerned branch relaxes to make the limitation that build to the mobile phone stage by stage, more and more folk capital and medium and small businesses swarm into mobile phone market, for the mobile phone design industry brought huge market to develop a space. New blood of it may be said brought new new hope, new picture!

Meanwhile, the enterprise that pays attention to brand development is taking the chance to adjust the strategy to hold business chance however. Market competition forces mobile phone manufacturer and design firm to must be adopted answer measure strongly, that forms an alliance hand in hand namely. As a result of the drive of collective economy interest, requirement China mobile phone designs a manufacturer to must turn to quality to rise by quantitative growth. Occupy report of the market research that surpass Nuo, share company of plan of nearly 100 mobile phones at present, offerred design program first half of the year only 200 many, shipment 20 million, among them 60% reach for MP3 photograph like the mobile phone.   

Card of home made product

2005 first half of the year, mainland market sells a mobile phone in all 39.24 million, mobile phone of card of home made product 16.57 million, among them MP3 mobile phone 470 thousand, photograph resemble taking a picture mobile phone mobile phone of 16.39 million ministry, PDA 3 million ministry, smartphone 1.23 million, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, grow 24% respectively, 19% , 597% , 223% , 72% , 151%; foreign brand 22.67 million, grow 28% . The dominant position with homebred the largest mobile phone and opportunity, the accurate understanding that depends on needing sue for peace to use a convention to native land client and hold. Ceng Yi of manufacturer of card mobile phone spends partial home made product to put overmuch energy in the promotion of exterior brand, and on the substantial construction of the competitive factor that ignored the market and brand, ignore product quality already, miss market good opportunity again. This is worth to think over.
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