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2005 channel big suddenly turn hostile
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Wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation of 2004 China trade changes, in last few years very quickly and the large and retail terminal that rise still is holding the leading role position in commercial market, the palm is accusing the channel lifeblood of manufacturer. Pursue and attack in a lot of retail magnate exploit a victory, have more when the boldness of vision that opens a new store with every 3 days is ceaseless and outspread, we are faint also can feel a kind of potential force is considering changing, one challenges what sell an absolutely and retail authority the position greatly to change to be in manufacturer undercurrent emerges move.


Setting: KA sells outshine the rest
In last few years large and retail terminal is acted according to to be by numerous manufacturer criterion, sell the occurrence of field to make greatly outstanding achievement of sale of a few manufacturer promotes considerably, certain business lends this at a tremendous pace forward progress, super sell a development like a hot knife cutting through butter greatly, its advantage is self-evident:

Sell greatly exceed the strong capacity that spread money

Domestic Le Fu, good much, Yi Chulian is flower, couplet China, happy buy such super shopkeeper to have an area or countrywide chain sells a few times, the focal point that wants manufacturer to enter a few to sell a system to be equivalent to achieving an area or whole nation basically only lays town work. And traditional agency pattern cannot place on a par with its almost, pass a batch, 2 batches of many link spread goods to work to still do not manage certainly after the complex job of numerous agency want.

Sell field person energy of life to exceed flourishing greatly

Every arrive holiday or dusk period of time, sell assemble of the poll inside field to move greatly, present in front of of a few counters to grow the grand picture of dragon completely, such person energy of life also sighs even large market oneself as, had a person to enrage ability to have the business, manufacturer nature is placed with the product sold a sale to serve as first choice greatly.

Sell greatly become terminal conduct propaganda, sales promotion main position

In recent years bazaar person is enraged not flourishing, no matter medium, small shop is conduct propaganda influence or sales promotion effect are far sell greatly not as good as 1% . And selling a dimensions that has good conduct propaganda, sales promotion already and resource greatly, again giant consumptive group is reached suffer numerous, because this sells a main position that became war of manufacturer conduct propaganda, sales promotion again greatly.

Sell greatly hold retail industry to basically assign the specified number

Some shampoo is happy in the home the day sale of an only store ever broke through blessing 300 thousand, this is the dominant position that other and retail terminal cannot compare. This and the distinction that sold agency to also having essence the product, selling agency still was to turn only storehouse, not be to represent commodity to be consumed by client place, if keep long in stock retreats goods to still not be successful sale, and in reaching consumer hand through selling a sale, realize real product market to digest, can make work in sale in domestic market of a day the product of such measure invites other channel too inferior to bear comparison really. Will look to sell greatly at this point hold retail industry to basically assign the specified number no wonder.
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