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From Wangwangli the bag sees a product how break through a tight encirclement
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All fronts of whole nation of bag of great gift of flourishing flourishing 600g waves red, added 2004 the Spring Festival guarded estimation to show 3 outstanding achievement of 100 million for Wangwanggong 2005. In the recreational food industry that in price war frequent profit dives ceaselessly, flourishing flourishing walked out of the road of an usury embellish.
Flourishing flourishing tastes a few sheet at that time put in to be packed greatly in will undertake yield can be adjustmented and originality of the odd digestive that hire capable person made a 300 million much product line unexpectedly nowadays. Accordingly, flourishing flourishing not only the inaugurator that is ceremony bag market, still be recognizant guide, what flourishing flourishing represents is a kind ideological, captured rich the psychology of the head of people covet good cheer that rise, in holiday holiday the market rolls out assorted product, go to by right of diverse career line permeate downstream, wangwangdali is wrapped now already from at the outset chief position expands masses position, on the place of have a common boundary that takes in product value promotion and market order to comb reforming at present, as the leader of an industry, the business that the bag should do Wangwangdali is very much still, the value that has product line for instance is outspread wait, its publicize catchword also the psychological demand of false gift of close to section " prosperous " ;

To the ceremony bag consumer thinks 15-20 or so yuan this price accords with cheap and fine psychology contented feeling. Very interesting is regard recreational food as in average person children is figure of product of children of exclusive, ceaseless aggrandizement, ceaseless when having the sales promotion that gives priority to with the price, we see in the supermarket this ceremony wrapped the 600G of flourishing flourishing to adjusted the price 2004 however however, the 20-23 from before yuan at a draught high jump arrives 25-28 yuan. And the price momentum that still maintaining this to hold high later in the Spring Festival, can see flourishing flourishing wraps the market to go up in his ceremony already the promotion of proceed product value works.

Begin to consolidate from product itself first bright red base color, undertake establishing standard effort from channel next, manpower respect also made be laid in certainly and be adjusted, below the case that can support in the integrated value of the product finally, implement price war method in the Spring Festival phase of busy season eventually, flourishing flourishing created not little momentum on this product, the consumer value acknowledge that in order to consolidates the price promotes place to may be brought rebounds, walked out of the awkward situation that petty gain does not please thereby, this also explained on certain level, consumer buys a psychology of this kind of gift: Consume value and not be the price. The recreational food industry in also competing to had been in miserable intense from another angle pointed out a road.
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