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The sale strategy compendium of IBM
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Speak of the strategy of sale of a company, we often are met instantly the angle from all sorts of P, cut instantly, all sorts of course of action that relate its to go up in strategy continuously next, comment on its once more finally practice is proper. Of course the mistake that we also cannot say to means of this kind of analysis has He Sai take an examination ofing to go up, but if want to analyse a company rigorously really, or saying is big company, the be on sale that says company of property of a typical whole world even is politic, if view a few idea of this enterprise and course of action in appearance only only, cannot peep its probably to the innermost recess of a hall the interior of a country profundity of thought or knowledge.

The author ever amounted to 22 years in work of IBM Taiwan firm, all previous classics a lot of sale and management are relevant position, the formulate that is in charge of sharing sale strategy, policy and carry out, all previous of body of it may be said its condition, special with respect to essay, the basis lays round of form plan of draw, it is a center with the culture of IBM and basic belief, give analytic speak bluntly, in order to enjoy a reader.

Figure of this round of contrast is an epitome of a character, annulus central part stands for IBM base place, include its experience is long the company culture with new cover and the basic belief that represent its core spirit. Accordingly basic belief derives IBM root the core advantage now, namely talent, ability of research and development and broad client group. The article cooperates the analysis of SWOT according to core advantage, referenced market information, be aimed at the new environment of electronic business affairs in growing again, discover IBM is applied comparative originally strong systematic conformity capability, will achieve enlarge to add the market to have the intense purpose heart of rate and interior domain, and deduce sale strategy. It is the room hornstone of sale strategy with fixed position strategy again among them. Become big rounds when turning to the target, whole market is experienced shake.

2, the mordern history of IBM company
Be in formal annulus before the sale of company of IBM of contrast figure specification is politic, let us know the mordern history of IBM company first. IBM company holds water to already exceeded half century up to now, can divide a times to narrate. The first times is father and son of patriarch Hua Sen chairs the IBM below, devote oneself to to promote the automation of American government and state-private battalion orgnaization. Arrived 1950 between 1960, small Hua Sen begins computer of research and development, devote into production, temporarily between, outshine the rest, other company tries hard to be chased after, this paragraph of time can say is the times with oriented product. Acting 1960 IBM rolls out 360 systems, belong to on the function balanced model the computer of voice, namely ability of lead plane operation does not consider a top fast, but input-output equipment can match with lead plane however good and balanced run, so although its lead plane is not the market certainly go up with adversary photograph relatively next the fastest every seconds 1 million movement (all of computer science department of Million Instructions Per Second) , but the processing time of integral system, or Total Process Time often is each coronal, its reason outputs the equipment with the input and lead plane speed to cooperate to agree namely, so the speed of overall generation and result coronal the computer at adversary, direct personnel sale and leader price strategy are used on sale strategy. Took the place of 1970, IBM rolls out 370 systems, be make 360 systems on the function reform greatly and make integrated sex system. The promotion of this paragraph of time and value strategy still attribute leader price, IBM said to calculate, revenue basically comes from large client. Before taking the place of 1970, the system of IBM is promoted or use rent, or with sale means, earn sufficient many financing and profit, and software and software service also use the means that rent, as politic as soft hardware suit (Packaging Strategy) , client must the soft hardware that overall accepts IBM and service contract, ability obtains IBM system and service. Because IBM enters the market first, the client is most, already widely known, because this company does not adopt what ad strategy again, and the client of all of use computer science department is direct obtain a service from IBM, because this IBM does not need access to aid,sell, sell kind and acquire the business what be the member that employ a person to visit top officer directly in a large-scale.
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