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How to create 800 thousand to miracle of 60 million sale
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Our country breeds estate market is having tremendous growth potential and development space, not only the intense contention that draws magnate of estate of the milk that cross a state, more caused " feed king " hope group, " the beans suckles king " Wei Wei group carry gigantic endowment kill, and bright, Yi Li, 3 yuan wait the pace that national leader brand quickened horse race to encircle the ground, loot to suckle a source. In the fight hard of this milk market, brand of weak situation of a place is mixed with extremely low cost however devoted, created the sales volume inside the time that is not in to arrive by 800 thousand rapid growth 60 million, region market is had lead the miracle that is as high as 30% . The concoctive expert of outstanding letter regards this as the machinator of field miracle and author, we make public low cost to develop the strategy of milk market and method now, the hope can bring Chinese dairy farming trifling enlightenment and reference.

   One, market background and company current situation

One, market background:

1, trade current situation and dimensions: According to statistic, in last few years industry of moral of our country breast appears fast, driving pulling to rise situation, milkings consumes gross and consumption of average per capita to all grow in order to exceed the amplitude of 15% , the sunny property with the fastest, growing best sex develops in making industry of our country food, total output of our country milk amounted to 10 million tons 2001, among them crop of liquid state milk products amounts to 9 million tons.

2, industry competition state: According to statistic of association of industry of Chinese dairy produce, at present process capability exceeds domestic day 100 tons enterprise is occupied only 5% , be in 20 tons for the most part the following; Year the enterprise of 5 million yuan of above has sale 359, on 100 million yuan have 12 only. The national brand with Chinese breast real estate has bright, Yi Li only, 3 yuan wait for a few, the others all is local brand, milk brand emerges an apparent regional forestall characteristic, be like " 3 yuan " Beijing field is had rate 92.6% , "Bright " Shanghai is had rate 87.1% , "Yan Tang " Guangzhou is had rate 43.8% , "Chrysanthemum is happy " Chengdu is had rate 53.4% , "China on the west " 52.9% .

3, industry development latent capacity and space: At present average per capita of our country milk has a quantity to be 7.6 kilograms only, world average level is 100 kilograms, euramerican achieved 300 kilograms, with the developed country photograph comparing is having bigger difference. Forecast according to association of industry of Chinese dairy produce, did not come 5 years, our country breeds spending will add kind of product substantially, especially liquid state grandma, predict year of increase rate to be able to be amounted to 30% , and lacteal industry is labelled national emphasis gives aid to project, drive together by bureaus of 9 ministries and commissions " drinkable grandma plans national student " carry out, will pull demand of the trade that use milk-like liquid to increase 1.5 million tons every year, latent capacity of development of market of estate of our country milk and vacuum are giant, perspective is wide.
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