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Wonderful sale case: Additional kind of sale plan, originality sale
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One, dozen 1 fold

The businessman is hit losing sale is constant some thing, people will never make a fuss of. But somebody can from which originality goes out " dozen 1 fold " sale is politic. It is the originality that brilliant withered wood takes new shoot really.

Japanese Tokyo has a silver inn of gent business suit. Initiate is here " dozen 1 fold " the shop of the sale, once resounding Tokyo. The goods that sells at that time is " Japanese GOOD " .

Particular operation is such: Decide dozen of time that loses a sale first, the first day is hit 9 fold, hit the following day 8 fold, hit the 4th days the 3rd day 7 fold, hit the 6th days the 5th day 6 fold, hit the 8th days the 7th day 5 fold, empyreal the 10th day is hit 4 fold, dozenth day makes eleventh day 3 fold, thirteenth is hit the 14th days day 2 fold, two days are hit finally 1 fold.

Of the businessman forecasting is: Because be the sale strategy of shock letting a person, so, the effect of public opinion propaganda of early days will be very good. Holding the state of mind of seek novelty in the arms, clients will come in great numbers. Of course, the client can change the date that what shop surely choose at will during the sale in this dozen, if you want to buy practice with the cheapest price, so you are bought in 2 final days that went, but, the thing that you think to buy can not stay to finally two days that certainly.

Actual condition is: The first day of guest that come round is not much, if come round to just also look, went a little while. Begin from the 3rd day a flock of a flock of presence, the 5th day hits the 6 guests when folding to resemble emerge to begin rush to purchase like the flood, later day after day the guest explodes full, wait for less than hitting of course 1 fold, commodity is bought entirely.

So, did the businessman sustain losses in business after all? You think, the client is eager to buying his to be fond of the goods that get in succession, with respect to the chain reaction that can cause scare buying. The businessman applies distinctive originality, making oneself goods 5, 6 when folding, had sold entirely. "Dozen 1 fold " is a kind of psywar art only just, businessman how can Where is lose money in business?

2, one piece goods

For the businessman of new to buying product, most the no more than that attracts a customer is " new " , how be again " new " on continue to write a composition chapter?

Italy has a Lai Er market, make work only namely of new product. A little new product is very popular, a lot of clients are being grabbed buy sell, did not grab in one's hand, requirement market again replenish onr's stock, attainable answer is unexpectedly: Be very sorry, our market makes work only first, buy till, no longer replenish onr's stock.

To this, some clients very do not understand, still recount to other people. But evermore, the client that come here is favorite buy, hesitate anything but. See not hard, of Lai Er market " give up what one favours " it is an excellent originality, it can leave strong impression to the client -- the goods that here sells is newest; Want to buy newest goods, have to market of patronage Lai Er.
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