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The sale that wear Er 5 blames
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Well-known, dai Er is with selling mode rule the region continuously, although was in China 1998 for with how benefit, elegant fragrant wait for company look distinction, enhance the trustful sense of people, name its for " manage directly " mode. Direct management mode aims direct connection will be established between manufacturer and consumer, after the manufacturer receives the ordering information of consumer, organize production, installation namely and deliver goods, assist a client to undertake installing, provide the support after carry out. To family and client of medium and small businesses, great majority is to pass a phone to have direct sale; Be aimed at large trade user, carry the on-the-spot sale that is based on the spot, build with its face-to-face immediate impact. No matter face which kinds of client, dai Erjun emphasizes direct client experiencing.

The biggest characteristic of direct management mode depends on passing any agents, agency or terminal shopkeeper, came true do not have between manufacturer and consumer seam " fictitious conformity " , make manufacturer can maintain low cost, efficient business to move thereby, the price system that and ensured integrates, avoided partial agency to depreciate blindly to pursue sale to sell and cause disorder of market price case. And consumer also can keep away from effectively a variety of trap in channel, come true by need and of individuation custom-built.

Doing not have any mode is apple-pie, the blemish that the author thinks Dai Er manages mode directly has the following:

1. Amortize link is lacked between manufacturer and consumer, form acerb contradictory conflict easily. If do not have the car of shock attenuation device with, when smooth travel the passenger does not have what feeling, and when once appear,bumping, the passenger can feel particularly uncomfortable. Direct management mode of Dai Er already of implementation of because its are efficient may low cost and consumer double win, also may confront inevitable interest difference directly in both sides when, because lack agile processor to make, deepen the dissatisfaction of consumer.

2. To reducing the excessive pursuit of cost, weakened the safeguard ability that the client that wear Er serves. Because IT industry has the specialty that its update quickly, dai Er and supplier adopted direct business relation likewise, through good supply chain management and manufacturing control system increase profit. As we have learned, dai Er is producing the know exactly about sth on flow management 100 patent, "0 inventory " it is the objective that Dai Er pursues all the time, also make its cost lower than the competitor piece 10% to 15% . But movement of high load capacity of shortage of spare parts inventory, product line makes the after service ability of the enterprise sells at a discount greatly.

3. Of crucial service outside the complexity that the bag increased to serve technological process, service quality is unwarrantable. Be in the United States for instance, refund service of Dai Er is outside the bag gives CPG(continental Promotions Group) the company, and report according to American media, the person that CPG company service works in the home processes refund application, of the company supervise very loose, and processing applies for every to pay 8.5 cent reward only, the processing that makes didymous refund application so is very cursory, accident rate is higher.
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