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Qingdao beer is sponsorred " dreamy China " error
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National Day returns, open the CCTV-2 that likes to look, the Qingdao beer that as it happens sees Li Yong is chaired sponsors " dreamy China " column, sensory Qingdao beer and CCTV-2 mechanism calculate too clever, so big fund is devoted, the likelihood that changes is a few spray only or billows just.
Why? The individual thinks, with unconscious Niu Hehu Na Wei inspects photograph comparing, qingdao beer and CCTV have the following big error.

Look first " dreamy China " :

1, column fixed position is unsharpness, dry what is dreamy China? Vocal match? Still dance the match? Player and audience not know what is said, the effect cans be imagined, although there still is not finals now, but the result may be mixed " Lai blocks me model I am beautiful " same, this program was become sponsor amuse oneself just, market reaction is not large;

2, still " dreamy China " regard as merely a column or the program will do, is not an industry. Contrary, "Super female voice " the prosperity that drove industry of tourism of company of company of business of TV station, manufacturer, mobile SP, record, website, culture, place, hotel, include congeneric CCTV " same a song " of the operation also compare " dreamy China " much stronger;

3, formal tradition, drab, without new idea, retained the official jargon way with consistent CCTV, resemble prize-giving evening party for example like chair, same the player performance of a song type; But " super female voice " comply with popular wishes adequately, great convention ability elegances, the short message is for instance voting, and PK stage, performance of numerous player collective, and unlike dreamy China same, the elephant advocates civilian dream but remain official jargon way;

4, did not use a network effectively this one platform. The effect of the network is bigger and bigger, need not doubt. Baidu is stuck and numerous portal website " open " column of super female voice turns mood adequately to the climax;

5, till now, the character trait of each player is not apparent still, what don't have more " story " , catchword, also do not have what FANS of course, this is the commissioner's failure not just, it is run failure more, without controversy, not lacy was not to make recreational item; And watch instead " super female voice " , the byname such as meal of pen of corn, pen, box, litchi and FANS group turn consequence and appeal power further to peak;

6, special 6 1 is lucky perhaps the shadow of 52 is too much, the author is heard actually because like Li Yong to just see this program,a lot of audiences say is!

7, operation and content did not oppose relatively and divide the work, it is Li Yong allegedly one person include is engineered and carry out and chair be equal to a suit, it is again outstanding compere it is good to have impossibly also so much energy does so many business does so many business, and super female voice is a group is in however run!

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