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The artistic sale test of Coke Cola
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How to let new generation and Coke Cola does beverage of this one old brand produce connection? What a market sale that the name is M5 plans to creating Coke Cola is brand-new " mark sex experiences " .

"New generation and network grow together, having very different view to life, " make an appointment with Rex of the Si Bao inside writing&The Rudo Botha of a chief inspector of Tennant McKay company expresses, "They produce connection with Coke Cola no longer, but M5 will take new brand form into new site. But M5 will take new brand form into new site..

It is at least in 20 centuries 60 time, andy Warhol (complier notes: Great Master of wave general art) ever indicated Coke Cola to curvilinear bottle of the gender is caught argent. Now, coke Cola tries to return in those days the setting that artists wait for clever ground to combine its brand and popular culture look like Keith Haring. Its market sale plans code name to be M5.  

Magnificent Five: 5 outstanding

What M5 name points to is " 5 prominent firms " , it is the Coke Cola company that is base with Atlanta appoint, distributing extensively in the each continent, 5 designs atelier that serves as burgeoning media, they will be passed a series of short and have revolutionary innovation body design to deduce Coke Cola brand " optimistic " .

Below the harmonious help of Ebeling Group of the company that make, coke Cola collected the different design atelier that comes from 5 continent, the Caviar of the Lobo of Sao Paulo of the MK12 that includes England to thank Kansas City of Missouri of Designers Republic of phenanthrene Er heart, United States, Brazil, Japan and south Africa Yaohanneisibao's Rex&Tennant McKay.

"The idea of experimental sex "

"Coke Cola already deviate artistic world " , sale person want to make its " recursive art is substaintial " , an apparitor says Ebeling so. "It is to pack not just " , a spokesman of Coke Cola says, "It is idea of sex of a kind of experiment " .

The plan of the company still is unfixed, at least current and such. How be X for generations, Y for generations and even more new generation introduce Coke Cola afresh when this one figure, decided regulation is very few, is those who discuss very much however -- the club member that how is nowadays vogue makes the outer packing that can you collect, Video and music?

Coke Cola and its stylist assumed creation to give a kind " mark sex experiences " important task. How do Video short and music put in still pendent, but having a thing is clear: Can have direct brand sale not quite among them.

Appoint of Coke Cola full-fledged member distributings to come true in each atelier of different country its " optimistic " originality is deduced. The project includes to be new curvilinear aluminous pot to create pattern (fall in black lamplight, some blueprint cases can produce change) , roll out at the same time still have distribute the 3 comes 5 minutes does not have brand designation short film with the music when red band, with the augment deduction to its brand spirit. The company is dedicated to putting the hottest Nightclub on these work in, as need in seasonly.
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