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Sale policy " use opportunely " case
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Below similar working requirement, different person obtains different working result. This is decided. In sale trade, the element of the size that decides outstanding achievement has a lot of, but the market that sells the application of policy to often can mirror personnel of a business operates ability.
Selling what policy points to is the strategy of the stimulative agency pick up the goods that manufacturer needs to make according to the market. General component returns benefit and the policy of pick up the goods that reflect that month for step two kinds. It is affirmatory that step returns interest policy to begin both sides to sign an agreement in year commonly, include a month to return, season is returned, year return, ambiguous award reachs carriage allowance to wait, all returning benefit has corresponding conditional limit. Policy of pick up the goods is a branch or the sales promotion plan that agency allots resource to be designed according to market demand according to headquarters. Content is that month commonly a certain model carries different amount to have different money reward, or special offer machine and the award of pick up the goods with groovy tie-in type are waited a moment. Policy is reflected directly or next month with turning the means of payment for goods cashs.

The North sea well beautiful supermarket is one of place's greatest supermarkets, main management provision, general merchandise. Manage in home appliance on the pattern that took an affiliation, namely well beautiful supermarket provides ground, the supplier makes work from be on sale, and supermarket square from the collection in sale " check the number " . Product of my company freezer sells business to be in with this kind of mode by a minute namely well the ark on beautiful. Place opened a large home appliance newly to sell in September 2004, my company component sold business to stop with well the collaboration of beautiful supermarket. To December, the North sea well beautiful supermarket and my company connection, hope with me the company cooperates directly. And before same, enter newly sell a metropolis to involve a lot of cost issues, for instance shop is made, sales promotion charge, guide the member that buy enters the arena etc. Regard a sale as the company, we and client are to do not have any cash come-and-go, some is goods only. These charge from He Lai? On one hand I make charge to company application shop, on the other hand I ask well beautiful supermarket looks for an ad firm to make shop in place, expense transfers after project end is checked and accept payment for goods, as a result of supermarket respect assure, the thing of shop got settlement. Our collaboration is very successful, supermarket respect makes a money according to the requirement 100 thousand gave area jobber, the first batch of goods are in ark goes up in the plan. Process of the ark on the product has appeared among this the little controversy on a few interests, but won't affect collaboration. The working key later should be how to promote sales volume, for instance sales promotion, guide the member that buy grooms enter the arena etc, these metropolises involve charge. In sales promotion respect sales promotion of a spot is made after the ark on beautiful supermarket demand well, the dispatch of supermarket DM goes up in the meantime, offer special offer type to bear its new year's day additionally of practice " times shopping square " , and send two gaily decorated basket even regard practice as gift. After I communicate the circumstance to company transmission division, gotten answer is to keep the headquarters give an official such as application, guide clearly at the same time the charge entering the arena of the member that buy (cost of cash pledge, administration fee, dress) by sales promotion member solve by oneself. The give an official that waits for a company is cannot solve a problem, although was approved,also be to be after new year's day, say the branch also did not divide the practice that sell business to offer the precedent of special offer machine for which again, it is jobber and cent sell business to communicate commonly solve. Still be that classical adage: Do not have money!
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