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Is VIP angry? Still be wealth vital energy
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Consult enquires a problem:
The year before last year when, it is good to see hotel estate business do, the developing zone that I and my copartner is in XX county bear leased a building, head period the contract is 7 years. At that time, we forecast this area to there won't be the hotel of fast star class to appear inside 3 years, our investment is so huge endowment had this building decorating according to the standard of 5 stars class, become place's best public house, the hotel has guest room 248, meal balcony 40, add up to eat 1100.

Now hotel already practice a year, the problem that we encounter is passenger source very finite, hobo of this locality business affairs is very few; The developing zone great majority that the hotel is in is a few small business; Local consumption ability is general and inferior; Travel guest is very few, although the county has a few tourist attractions, but small and dispersive, lack is packed and publicize.

There is public house of 3 SamSungs class in the city at present, the guest room number of these 3 hotels adds in also have 300 only, counter room price all is in 250 - 280 yuan / . We pass management of a year, average housing rate is the hotel 25 % , everyday meal turnover is 30 thousand yuan basically, we pass the summer this year the travel agent of Shanghai solicited a few groups, rate of housing of a half-moon time achieved 40 % left and right sides; The meal consumption ability of this locality is limited also, marriage banquet standard is met in the company that has certain dimensions dining-room or it is SamSung class desk of 588 yuan of / is in the hotel case.

The hotel is by mine copartner holds the position of general manager, the business is done before him, also had contracted in native place the hotel of class of a SamSung, face such market environment, he thinks to be an upright person gas just is the most important, to go after a person to enrage, he decided counter room value when practice last year be in 318 yuan, consultative price is 280 yuan, the price of marriage banquet is in 680 yuan surely, still allow wine water to be able to be taken oneself. He thinks little place passenger source is finite from beginning to end, must be contended for with existing SamSung class hotel, had better be can this locality of sweep the deck the passenger source of class of these 3 SamSung, the price is only competitive measure of course. Our bear lease is 7 years, so more pressing want to achieve beneficial result, but the passenger source quality of this locality is low, establishment also is gotten by botch fierce. To change a condition, I go to Shanghai and Hangzhou listening to hotel management course a few times, also consulted the personage inside a few course of study, the price that says us is decided low, the market should be cultivated, but the copartner that I persuade me without sufficient reason, also be afraid that the price is really high, did not have a guest more, how should be our hotel done after all excuse me? (Xiaoying)
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