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Strange action of Japanese market sale
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Japan is agriculture the ten countries that cent develops, recently, go to Japan inspecting agriculture, the farmer over there people better to give oneself product to open market recalled many key point, its sale strange action, the peasant that may give China people inspired.

Droit of duck of the chicken that order

Dwellers can buy the property of duck issueing chicken in young age, let birds farming next people raise for its, after waiting for fowl to grow into ripe fatten, by birds farming butcher, abluent, be in at ordinary times or in when celebrating a festival, sending to client home as scheduled. Went to the lavatory already so client, the gallinaceous duck that raises for oneself again found buyer as a child, not anxious is sold do not go out.

Can grow a melon and fruit " book "

All have in bazaar of Japanese each district and bookshop " book of melon and fruit " sell, such as " tomato book " , " cucumber book " , " aubergine book " wait for have everything that one expects to find. The product that book looks like outside these expresses biscuit outfit to have waterproof paper, a place of strategic importance inside its has fertilizer of stone cloth with soft nap, man-made and seed to wait. People is bought after answering according to add inside its give cultivate a specification, want to water everyday only, the cucumber that can grow skill to show tomato, fist is big like the cucumber of degree of finish, bullet; Usually, " tomato book " can grow via breeding 150, confuse your fruit 200 times, " cucumber book " can written guarantee piece 50, 70 pocket melon... because collect views and admire gender and edible sex,be an organic whole, get citizen reception greatly, vegetable grower people also sell eagerly, in order to increase profit.

Open to booking in those days fruiter property right

Affiliation of the supermarket inside Tokyo suburb farmer and city, open " the fruiter should produce per year authority " open to booking. If an apple tree calls valence 2500 yen, produce quantity droit of this tree to put in buyer 's charge namely in those days, buyer can go at any time the orchard is picked apple. If buyer does not wish go to the countryside, fruit grower people can pluck the apple next good packing, deliver goods comes, buyer should pay a service additionally cost and traffic expense. Of course, fruit grower should assure fruity crop and quality.