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Fixed position, should reach the designated position - - plaint of month of wet
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, company brief introduction

Well-known, potential of wine estate market is tremendous, it is an industry that is next to tobacco. 2004, only the liquor company of dimensions above achieved sales revenue 61.3 billion yuan, because this also attracted more capital,emerge to liquor industry. Belong to capital multivariate the brand that appreciation sex investment enters development is increasing also, be like river of water of Jin Liufu, small muddleheaded celestial being, bare, Jinshili, and with 5 grain fluid, Maotai, sword old cellar or pit for storing things of city of Na Chun, Lu the much money OEM that wait child the brand.   

2002, the Jiangxi month tide with abundant actual strength is industrial the company of estate of lunar hare wine that invested to build production to sell unifinication gigantic on the foundation of wine of former Jiangxi wide abundant, entered wine to insult the liquor group that smokes a day. Second year, with " China plaints the first wine " Hua Na is in the push forward of lunar wet alcoholic drink of fixed position Shenzhen settle.   

2, product condition

The product line program of lunar wet alcoholic drink basically is 33 degrees, 38 degrees, 52 degrees of aroma liquor.

Terminal price is 28 yuan respectively / bottle, 56 yuan / bottle, 88 yuan / bottle.

The train of thought that the product packs is shirt-sleeve " Chun Jianghua is moonlight " , " lift cup seek a month " , " ask a month wine " , " drink alone below the month " , " enjoy the glorious full moon outlook is current " wait for poetics picture meaning, the purpose depends on making spend month of Shi Chao and wine, wine and wet each other of beautiful month poem are set off.   

3, the market popularizes brief introduction

Have the aid of " wine Hai Guanchao " the oneself advantage of low end wine in advertisement of magazine action trade and measure of other action trade, lunar wet alcoholic drink or the action trade process that completed each division smoothly in Shenzhen city, was a success to enter the sea of Hua Na wine with Chinese alcohol the greatest consumption.   

From the price market of the product fixed position sets out, lunar wet alcoholic drink specializes in B kind terminal. The network resource of agency of have the aid of, lunar wet alcoholic drink entered about a hundred smoothly B kind meal terminal and more wholesale with retail terminal.   

In promotion, with " China plaints the first wine " for fixed position, associate with the moon from lunar hare outspread and come " wine is sweet wave 10 thousand lis, enjoy the glorious full moon the affection that watch tide " (ad saying) , "Shui Lianhai makes the same score Chun Jiangchao, maritime bright moon in all tide is unripe " , "Moonlight night month in and month out is short of the sky the month is filled with, current flow of marine wet Chao Chaochao falls " lunar article melt into transmits a concept. Blend in its meaning life again after that come in, if be short of the month,the tide since lunar circle, tide falls and even life is mixed the common thing of career pole, etc.   
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