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Channel carry prepares 10 big errors
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Cent sells channel (Channel) it is to point to a product (or service) in process of move of the person that using to terminal from generator, what pass, the way that intermediate link joins and becomes by each. These intermediate link include a company (generator) the sale orgnaization that sets oneself, jobber, shopkeeper, agent, etc.

As blood-vessel the passageway that is human body metabolism is same, channel is the river of the life that the business strikes successfully in market economy spring tide. Of wadi expedite, great rate land is affecting the success or failure of the enterprise. Tell from this meaning, channel construction labels the biggest sale difficult problem to had been not been.
Channel is the key that successful cent sells the product, also be a sale difficult problem that a lot of sale personnel headache. Because lack is combed theoreticly, in actual combat channel carry prepares error often a lot of. Baconian rise, have roughly the following 10 kinds:
1. Building a network oneself is better than using middleman
Profit of not reconciled to of a lot of enterprises by others " divide up " , the purpose builds sale network through oneself force, executive cent sells function. If establish branch, agency or brand shop extensively, bypass middleman, sell the product final user and customer directly. Think to be done so have a lot of profit, be like: Facilitating control, facilitating direct, safe, agile, be economical. If it is so? The analysis is as follows:  
Facilitating control? May not, because journey cuts off with information far away, headquarters may not understands all situations of the branch completely; Facilitating direct? May not, each branch that builds for the foundation with region market is in charge of to headquarters only, mutual lack harmonious, often restrict one, each other becomes barrier, each does things in his own way; Safe? May not, injure the public interest to benefit private interests, the dead debt bad debt, phenomenon that carries a paragraph to run away cans be found everywhere; Agile? May not, booth shop gets overstaffed of too big, posture, information to deliver reach decision-making and slow, one have a circumstance to often make quick response very hard. Be economical? Also may not, the wasteful phenomenon common occurance that runs the cost such as promotion of medium personnel expenses, advertisement, market actually.
2. Middleman has been jumped over more more
"Cent sells business more, sales volume is larger also " , this is the logic of a lot of enterprises. If build channel network really according to this kind logically, probable meeting faces the following problem: The market is narrow, the monk is meaty little, often appear " internal feud " (change goods, malign depreciate etc) phenomenon; Channel policy is united hard; Service standard hard standard. Generally speaking, a few need distribute sold product extensively (like daily expense consumable) just need numerous cent to sell business.
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