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Off-season not weak, 5 interlink nod bright flourishing to sell cracker
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Terminal fall is sent look at sales promotion

Before having this activity, the much trade that drink milk faces grim situation, even partial product begins fall in terminal.

In white milk market, face core competitor Yunnan suddenly pasture milk industry, make the much trade that drink milk white suckle key market to be in very adverse position from beginning to end. Be in an old market, actually 25 milk brand shop not enemy competitor 5 brand shop; Fruit flavour yoghurt is behaved in local market driving, but because do not have sales promotion support, play the leading role continuously hard in the market; Early days of grandma of high-end be eaten together with rice or bread is devoted and tremendous, the star that belongs to a model kind product, same because do not have sales promotion support and administrative weakness, bring about grandma of high-end be eaten together with rice or bread to be thrown in the market very big, but often prediction of a person's luck in a given year is very fast also, form the odd group of ceaseless aggravation.

Then, through careful consideration, preparation is rolled out " strong feeling is drunk more, sweet wave red river " series activity. Activity of have the aid of, loot market. Its are direct the purpose decides a grandma to grab money namely, achievement is off-season not weak. Additional, consolidate old client, plunder new client. In the meantime, the change drinks a grandma to be in more the figure of red river city; And indirect purpose borrows this to exercise a procession namely, promote whole of look forward to image, appear on the market to be tasted newly fill up calm market and personnel foundation.

This activity, warm, human nature, system, kind it is basic fundamental key.   

   5 annulus join is off-season seize a town

Whole activity distributes a share in all, build from integrated transmission situation, to activity of ground of the comprehensive system that start, get sth done without any letup, annulus annulus photograph is buckled, do not give a competitor the chance that any breathing.

The first annulus, build situation: Push-pull is united in wedlock, use each local transmission resource in the round, warm-up market;

The 2nd annulus, brand shop: After carrying out classified management to drinking brand shop terminal more, undertake use both hard and soft tactics, vivid change display make brand-new drink figure more, portray good sale atmosphere;

The 3rd annulus, the school: Public relations enters town, bring up good business image, have strategy of make a psychological attack to consumer, the generation below education is young consumer, had done solid shop chasm for the sale;

The 4th annulus, community: Carry community activity, build affinity, shape best image, pull directly use a sale.

The 5th annulus, grandma dot: On the foundation that stands in front, control a network in the round, resource is comprehensive focusing.

One. Publicize make situation in advance
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