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Of Yilaikesi strategical sale changes
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From 1996 Yi Lai is overcome this annex Changsha is favorite since freezer factory, with respect to the journey that according to its the fixed position of internationalization began its China market. The transnational corporation that this headquarters is in Sweden is one of companies of electric home appliances

Strategy of sale of natural environment disaffected

The sale strategy of the standardization that the city place that perhaps is western maturity forms and theory encountered problem of disaffected of so called natural environment, perhaps be the error on the strategic transition that these crossed national big company to encounter real significance to go up and understanding, this Chinese market gave Yilaikesi a severity hsown by an official on assuming post at the beginning, enter 3 years early or late deficit 60 million, arrived by 2004, entered a flagrant phase, yilaikesi and some international brand are same, the rational thought that if did not change,realises will encounter deeper harm on Chinese market. We are in what the main problem that shows on sale strategy makes the following fields to comb to Yilaikesi.

Through the blame of price war value sex grows, changed the market to damage image however Yilaikesi and Changsha are favorite 1996 the cooperative get into trouble of freezer factory, at that time company everyday deficit 300 thousand yuan, if remove endowment if, exit cost to will be as high as 57 million yuan, yilaikesi was immersed in the awkward condition that be in a dilemma. Former food of 100 things coke (China) company president Liu Xiaoming takes up the post of Yilaikesi Chinese division president, the terminal that high specified amount takes after assuming office returns the method such as cost of benefit, control and low strategy, the Yilaikesi market dimensions inside 6 years enlarged 3 billion yuan of RMB, became temporarily star handler and Yilaikesi's hero. But, after the company expands certain scope, the administrative style of Liu Xiaoming appoint people by favouritism causes a lot of censure in company interior, and the practice that is fond of price war and blind dilate, damaged Yilaikesi greatly the high-end figure of this Europe famous brand.
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