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"The tooth is depended on " toothpaste sale engineers on-the-spot record
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Doesn't the market of forestall have organic meeting? In Gao Loujie, beautiful 3 old brands occupy clean person and China firmly below the super monopoly position of 2/3 market share, hind birth new brand is in resource achieved a breakthrough below extremely finite circumstance. This case tells us: Although exceed the possibility that the success still can find below monopoly structure, come true with small gain big. Chinese entrepreneur should have hope, law of courage, in the right way participates in intense competition, go getting a success!

"I this ' Gaolijia ' why does toothpaste sell bad? " Yang Xiuying of president of group of Jiangxi spaceflight science and technology asks me straight from the shoulder. This is the thing that produced afternoon November 18, 2003.

Why bad to sell?

According to Yang Zong and the introduction that she runs a group, I understand group of Jiangxi spaceflight science and technology to be rolled out to the market before half an year " Gaolijia " toothpaste, average price is in the product every 3 yuan or so. Product itself has very strong distinguishing feature, be prop up in space technology below, function of medicaments of Chinese herbal medicine of be in harmony and fluorine calcic recipe are the toothpaste of full effect sex of an organic whole, it is rare all wool and a yard wide product.

However, after the product appears on the market, the sale is paid no attention to all the time want. In 4 markets that basically run, jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, although various market has shop money, but one class city is garrisoned rate is very low, retreat make county, villages and towns and rural market. Use a sale to pull, the enterprise is in a few David is inspected put TV on advertisement, but half an year went, the sale still is paid no attention to want. The enthusiasm of agency is very low.

After listening to the introduction, I saw a product carefully again pack, advertisement piece the data that sells with cent, look in me, sale used Gao Lijia's whole to follow typically actually politic, but, did not follow the otherness that gives oneself in follow, product sale cannot be very so ideal.

-- the product that follows to show clean high in the round as, "Gao Lijia " approbate in what one class market won't get customer, because one class market is market of brand sex spending, the move of high syrup clean that consumer meets from them without reason arrives above a not famous new brand, unless, the power that new brand uses promotion is enough big.

-- value strategy has a problem: In prefectural class market, the price sells the toothpaste that is in charge of to 3 many, it is highbrow, the consumer of this market accepts this business unlikelily.

-- if not be to follow the gender is politic, so with competitive brand Gao Loujie is compared, "Gao Lijia " form independent brand hard.

Additional, what system of the layout of the market, price and cent sell is politic, the management of the team, not was linked together cheek by jowl with product fixed position. A word comes whole movement action express even if -- medicinal powder. Follow so this route goes not hopeful.
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