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Chongqing invention can rise falling chaffy dish boiler automatically to provide
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 Food is fished for when people irons chaffy dish not only no-go, and be heated up easily oily scald. Chongqing invents can rise falling chaffy dish boiler automatically to provide can solve this one problem, offer for deadbeat convenient.

The reporter learns from Chongqing city committee of science and technology, rise automatically fall chaffy dish boiler is provided form by boiler of inside and outside, outer pot wall relies on to go up the edge sets the bolt that prop up, boiler and outer pot prop up bolt inside straight chute leaves to come outside correspondence boiler bottom, straight chute is mid chamfer having a horizontal stroke,
Bowl system is Kong Zhuang inside. When inside on boiler wall bolt is propped up on straight chute and inside of outer pot wall when same vertical line, boiler can slide up and down inside. Inside boiler half litres when, convenient short hot food tastes the clip after in putting bowl, been iron to give edible; When inside boiler falls with outer pot coincide when, boil eat chaffy dish; Should fish for dish to taste inside boiler rises, dish is tasted show.

This patent contriver says, this boiler is provided can go to the lavatory not only deadbeat, and also can maintain Shang Qing delicious, do not burn burnt boiler copy, the remnant after reducing chaffy dish to feed abandons content, have the advantage such as environmental protection.