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Electric cooking utensils avoids check doorsill to rise this year
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The reporter pledges from city inspect bureau learns yesterday, product of 2008 China famous brand, country avoids check product declare the job to already began. Every accords with manufacturing company of the condition, all can go up in freewill foundation, according to " product of Chinese famous brand runs way " formulary program pledges to the province inspect bureau is declared. The enterprise that every accords with a country to avoid check product to declare a condition and the period of efficacy that avoid check is full and the enterprise that accords with new application condition, can pledge to the province inspect bureau is declared.

As we have learned, the country this year avoids check product to declare content, added executive country newly to avoid 26 kinds of products such as cooking utensils of the box bag of check system, electric heat. Notable is, dismiss check authority to ensure, the doorsill that declares a country to avoid check product this year rises somewhat.

According to introducing, the yield that there are 35 kinds of products in needing 54 kinds when declare afresh or production value rise apparently than 2005, especially the dimensions condition of 14 kinds of food rises on average 60% ; In the meantime, carry out strictly add what must carry out an electron to superintend newly to 20 kinds of products to concern a requirement, every did not join an electron to superintend a net and the enterprise of activation must be not declared avoid check. In addition, declare an enterprise to still will be faced with more strict environmental protection, energy-saving ask with industrial policy. The breed that energy-saving environmental protection does not accord with in the original list that avoid check will be carried out no longer avoid check, 6 kinds of products increased requirement of energy-saving environmental protection newly, 11 kinds of products increased to accord with the manufacturing technology requirement of industrial policy.

The enterprise that declares of purpose can arrive qualitative inspect branch or website of entry China famous brand ( , website of total bureau of national qualitative check ( inquiry.