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Law of Ai Mei spy, change the value that China creates
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It is the biggest that Aimeite is contributed to the industry of Chinese fanner.

Look from economics theory, an enterprise has two to the contributive target of an industry: It is to lead a person of the same trade to make the industry big; 2 it is the investment value that creates this industry.

Company of Ai Mei spy is a Taiwan businessman solely invested enterprise, founded in Taiwan 1973, manufacturing base was established in Shenzhen 1991, from for world brand enterprise treatment production arrives to be modelled energetically have a brand oneself, make the brand of delicate small home appliance of widely known of Chinese common people finally. According to center of Chinese trade union and news of trade of China whole nation newest the data that publish shows, report of Ai Mei spy is warm implement successive 3 years integrated market has rate industry the first, fanner is counted continuously year a before the row two armour.

Making fanner industry big on this, of the beauty of Aimeite and person of the same trade made crackajack contribution. In the influence of their enterprise oneself, accomplish the scale of production of Chinese fanner the whole world the first, and fanner sale of Aimeite also exceeds 2 billion yuan.

But be opposite fanner of the investment value of this industry make build on, ai Mei compares beautiful fan to make larger contribution especially.

The investment value of an industry besides the growing dimensions besides this industry, still have a main index, the management excessive price of since industry is led, and the decision of place of on any account that rate of management excessive price stands industrial product to sell base price again. If the product of this industry sells base price on the low side, that explains rate of management excessive price is low, lack investment value of the industry. The product of an industry sells base price taller or on the low side, concern with the sale price of brand company product of this industry, discretion of sale price of brand company product established investment value of the industry directly. The product sale price of fanner of Ai Mei spy is in China the market is highest, the biggest than China fanner company " beautiful " product price is average tower above 30% above, also having a surveyor's pole because of the product sale price of fanner of Ai Mei spy, what fanner enterprise of China lives is very good.
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Look from this bit, aimeite changed the Chinese contribution to global fanner.

Aimeite changes the Chinese contribution to global fanner, the exit of the fanner that is not Aimeite purely produces the monopoly position that can hold world fanner share, however the character of fan of Ai Mei spy and the look at <> with new eyesing that management concept lets the whole world make a product to China.

Aimeite undertakes with cosmopolitan strategic thought the enterprise locates, produce the world's most high grade fanner only namely.
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