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Transition of small home appliance of brook of kind of be open to traffic of Han
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The Hangzhou bay big bridge of formal be open to traffic before a month, become the breach of transition of industry of small home appliance of brook of peaceful wave kind.

On May 1, be well versed in of Hangzhou bay big bridge. So far, base of form a complete set of home appliance spare parts -- the distance of Ning Bo and Shanghai will shorten greatly. And the property of Shanghai home appliance that industrial catenary saturation transfers urgently, and the Ci Xi with content shedding clear advantage is inland and anhydrous harbor, also will contact more cheek by jowl.

Look inside course of study, this also is meant, hangzhou bay big bridge will make Ci Xi fast establish carries on in Zhejiang province shedding of goods and materials, capital shedding, technology shedding and the strong position that the person just sheds. Depend on these advantages, ci Xi will be accelerated introduce a batch of correlation spend big, traction the big company with high content of strong, science and technology, big group, big project is in place settle. "Actually, also be helpful for kind brook small home appliance because the RMB appreciates,defeating solution pressure, raw material rises in price, demand of international market consumption is fatigued and weak the predicament that waits for numerous and adverse element to bring " .

Actually, in April end, in " height of development of estate of small home appliance of kind brook China speaks " in, partial enterprise has begun to express anxiety to this predicament. The enterprise expresses, need undertakes through technical qualified personnel the technology is innovated, promote a product quality, development has the product of content of science and technology more.

However, the kind brook city of traffic inconvenience, control of cost of technical research and development, content shedding, talent is introduced on encounter a lot of difficulty. "Before this, the industry of small home appliance upgrades to be in backwater phase all the time. And, wait for resource scarcity as land, investment cost is increased, ci Xi's appeal and competition ability are in abate. " the expert Cao Xin that pays close attention to Zhejiang characteristic area for a long time is more than such plainting, although Ci Xi is small impetus of development of home appliance estate is very fierce, but still face many problems, if product class is low, capability of development, design is not strong, level of management is backward wait.

And the consensus that this also become investor. As a child home appliance is formed in the enterprise of new developed area of bay of kind brook Hangzhou in light of, original much by this locality translation of civilian battalion enterprise and come, but leave as what cross Hai Daqiao build, enterprise of bibcock of large quantities of one new energy resources, new material is thick as hail, include the whole world even 500 strong one of Pu Luosi content of American Cooper company, United States flows... " at present Ci Xi small home appliance has begun to enter those who emphasize content of brand, science and technology from the pure production of the past. " a senior personage inside course of study says to the reporter. Look in him, the be well versed in of Hangzhou bay big bridge, just is the breach of transition of kind brook small home appliance. Cost rises research and development is insufficient
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