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Microwave oven finishs product structure to upgrade
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   "The special offer machine of 299 is Ge Lanshi when popularizing microwave oven whole even industry stands finished one's contributions in work, but nowadays itHad fulfilled a mission, in before long can exit historical arena one day surely in the future, and in the state that the scale of high-end product already also presented market share to rise ceaselessly apparently at present. " recently, liang Gong of general manager of company of microwave oven of case orchid be an official is born when accepting a reporter to interview to express.

"Vacate basket change a bird " change

The near future, bead three-cornered salary is farther go up tone, traditional labor is concentrated model the trend that the industry upgrades to modern industry system is overwhelm already. Imagine not hard, as " China is made " , microwave oven industry also avoids to be faced with raw material to rise hard, the difficult position that labour cost increases.

As hold domestic microwave oven nearly 60% , international the Ge Lanshi of share of 40% above market, all the time by the coronal the honor with price butcher, painful nowadays be determined to undertake reform. Have a detail cannot not advertent: The boundary of the Zhongshan of 105 nations line in highway of plant of the world that be called and suitable heart, establishing " world plant " billboard, will a few years never had been changed, can be in this year, it sadly by a red Ge Lanshi " China is red " announcement card place is replaced. This appears the transition of adumbrative industry.

The backside that the industry upgrades

"Actually from 2005, ge Lanshi is thinking why Ge Lanshi microwave oven holds global microwave oven the market share of 40% above, fail to be in the competitive system of globalization however, the change of high additional cost in value of the company that finish. " Liang Gong is unripe express. Liang Gong is unripe indicate be in not merely it seems that microwave oven industry, they just shift to an earlier date arousal.

Later, some home appliance investigated an orgnaization to make a sampling investigation to the consumer of nearly 20 countrywide cities. The result shows, the consumer of 82.93% expresses to buy home appliance to be able to decorate ceramic tile to spread the whole that stick to decorate the effect to choose according to product exterior and household. The inquirer of 70% above more express, as " foreign home appliance " microwave oven mainland is changed not complete still, need to add Chinese element on industrial design not only, more important is to finish from heat the function transforms to what get used to lifestyle of Chinese meal food to go up.

Then, by 2005, cutting Chinese sign " China is red " series light-wave furnace comes out. German division grand was exhibited 2006 on, accord with what the light-wave furnace first time that Chinese meal cooking is used to accepted an international market to examine. 2007 " China is red " series product is become in the person that market of high-grade microwave oven carries big banner.
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