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Habits and customs transforms 200 yuan - flourishing of 400 yuan of small home a
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Machine of small-sized oven, bread, sandwich machine, coddle implement such containing full-bodied " foreign flavour " small home appliance, all the time since the sale is like person meaning very much. The personage inside course of study is reason end the dietary habit with compatriots not agree with. But as 80 hind people the consumptive capacity that had independence, habits and customs that establishs family and people transforms gradually, the sale of this kind of small home appliance presents the state that gives swift and violent growth.

Be in Beijing country beauty on the west 3 annulus inn, a salesperson tells a reporter, a few youths are fond of very much now abstain sandwich, biscuit, before place some the sandwich machine with year of very bad sale, coddle implement, bread machine, sales volume is rising nowadays.

Analysis of the personage inside course of study points out, the youth that is born as 80 time begins independent life, their consumptive idea, habits and customs and father generation people differ somewhat, to the acceptance of Western-style food degree wants people of a certain kind of prep above father people, still many parents take food safety problem of the child seriously very much, because this increasing him choice starts work,make provision. The sales volume of food arrange machine, bread machine, soya-bean milk machine, juicer, oven rises consequently.

What the change of habits and customs brings is the sell like hot cakes of small home appliance of a few arrange not just. "Health care, hairdressing is small now home appliance but popular, for example pore is clean implement, shave wool implement, massager of dynamoelectric eye ministry is waited a moment, have a lot of brands, sort exceeds about a hundred kinds. " in ministry of small home appliance of Beijing edifice aing shady retreat on a green hill, the salesperson tells a reporter: "Arrived especially the festival such as red-letter day of the Valentine's Day, woman, this kind of product sells particularly well. This kind of product sells particularly well..

Meanwhile, the sales volume of traditional small home appliance also is climbed successively litre. Concern personage introduction according to Su Ning, the sales volume of electromagnetism furnace, microwave oven is very good all the time, the sales volume of pressure cooker of electric meal Bao, report also is firm in have litre. The reporter sold the small home appliance of field the sale in some home appliance a few days ago see on pop chart, the model such as CFJ302 of Bao of meal of report of Er of CH196 of furnace of electromagnetism of case orchid be an official, sea, beautiful electromagnetism furnace SH209 occupies sale seniority front row firmly, and the price of these small home appliance all reachs 400 yuan in 200 yuan between.