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Pressure cooker of pressure cooker of red hutch of goods of stainless steel of Z
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The country is industrial and commercial the circumstance of quality of current domain pressure cooker that monitor reports total bureau

Tell the supervisory management of quality of domain pressure cooker to strengthen convection, market of normative pressure cooker manages order, ensure pressure cooker quality is safe, a few days ago, the country is versed in commercial firm politics manages total bureau to organize 4 provincial worker worker such as Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, Anhui management board of commercial firm politics, 105 groups of pressure cooker that sell to 63 distribute unit undertook quality is monitored.

Implement concerned provision of the standard compulsively according to the country, the actuating pressure that monitors pair of pressure cooker this, sealing, safe pressure, heat-resisting pressing, be able to bear or endure pressure of internal pressure force, pressure release, destroy temperature rise of pressure, handle, security closing a lid, security opening a lid, prevent a security, sanitation requirement, plastic. Via detecting, in sample of draw-out 105 groups of pressure cooker, have 100 groups of pressure cooker immanent quality is eligible, quality monitors percent of pass to be 95.2 % . In 62 distribute unit, the pressure cooker that has sale of 57 distribute unit is all and eligible.

Quality that is aimed at pressure cooker monitor, discover the main problem that boiler exists has market upward pressure:

(one) actuating pressure is unqualified. This second monitor have actuating pressure of 3 groups of sample unqualified. Actuating pressure is the pressure value that the pressure limiting valve that points to pressure cooker measures when exhaust. Actuating pressure of national level regulation should be nominal actuating pressure (pressure limiting valve designs pressure) 0.9 times to 1.1 times. Actuating pressure is too little, when can bringing about use pressure cooker, force of boiler internal pressure did not achieve nominal actuating pressure, pressure limiting valve begins exhaust, the pressure that makes place of cook of the short of inside boiler asks.

(2) destroy pressure unqualified. This second monitor 2 groups of sample destroy pressure unqualified. Destroying pressure is to point to pressure cooker can the greatest pressure is worth susceptive. Pressure cooker can the greatest pressure is worth susceptive to want to achieve 500kPa at least, and force of boiler internal pressure is more than body of the boiler when destroying pressure and boiler lid not to allow occurrence photograph to break away from a phenomenon. Destroy pressure target unqualified, bring about pressure cooker easily to produce safe problem when use.

In addition, this second monitor the operation instruction handbook that still discovers sample of 1 group of pressure cooker not to accord with a standard to ask, basically be the manual lacks due caution language.
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