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Current situation of trade of cooking utensils of Chinese stainless steel and de
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Dispatch of net of China business affairs:
Pressing cooking utensils manufacturing industry is an industry that bigger market potential has in hardware products industry, this industry is arisen
Later, but development rate is very rapid however. As " China will become the whole world to create base " cry more and more
Tall, hardware industry of China also be eager for doing sth, had made each field in succession accumulate, be about to be in this potential big market
Divide a cup of a thick soup. The steely course of study that regards hardware industry advanced position as the industry also should ready-made, making eager to do well in everything for Chinese hardware industry
Powerful backup force while, for him seek a new development space. This period the article that we write compose of the expert inside hair course of study
, analysed the current situation of industry of Chinese cooking utensils and development trend, help everybody understand the foreground of hardware industry in the round.
Cooking utensils is hardware products industry in already traditional burgeoning product. Alleged and traditional, basically point to 20 centuries 80 years
Product of base material birth basically is with aluminium and iron before era; So called burgeoning, the difference that is material simple change not only (not
Rubiginous steel cooking utensils has the characteristic with beautiful, durable, antirust appearance; Of the evade outside besmearing inside do not stick boiler to have heat conduction fast, wholesome,
The advantage) such as changeless form, and the utility of the product, function updating ceaselessly, producing change ceaselessly,
Changed the past a few years thoroughly changeless always old face. Quality had present cooking utensils product to rise apparently
; Breed increases on 1000 kinds from a few kinds; From replaced an entrance to have flying development to the respect such as immediate outcome. One
Fund fund type novel, function the new-style cooking utensils of advanced, on the safe side enters all ready, craft stage by stage Chinese average household
Domestic trade current situation
The pressure cooker that the main product of market of cooking utensils of current our country has different capable person to pledge, common boiler, do not stick boiler and electric cook a meal
Etc. Among them, pressure cooker from 20 centuries 60 time are born since, with its when quick, energy-saving, province, convenient by
Consumer place is accepted, already formed relatively mature market at present. According to not complete count, 2 002 year its crop exceeds
Cross 20 million, if press all valence mouth of 150 yuan of / plan, sale will exceed 3 billion yuan. Common boiler kind basically have a stockpot
, the series product such as grandma boiler, frying pan, a pot for steaming food, jug. Current, qualitative diversification of ability of this kinds of product, also be a country at the same time
Inside most all-pervading boiler kind. Common boiler kind market demand cannot accurate computation, estimation is least and annual demand also is in a few
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