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The use of stainless steel cooking utensils and maintain
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Using with maintain when stainless steel cooking utensils, what should notice is:

1. Cannot burn for nothing. Stainless steel cooking utensils relatively coefficient of thermal conductivity of ironwork, aluminous goods is low, conduct heat time is slow, burn the ageing that can create chromic layer of plating of cooking utensils surface for nothing, fall off.

2. Tall pH indicator of not long-term Cheng Fang is acidity, alkalescent in cooking utensils with souse food. Because although stainless steel has certain corrosion resistance, time grows Dan Chengfang too, also can cause corrode.

3. Want to maintain the cleanness of cooking utensils, often swab, after depositing the dressing such as vinegar, soy especially, want seasonable and abluent, maintain kitchen dry. After cooking utensils uses period of time, can dip in with soft cloth on washing powder or abluent are wiped.