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The 3 gist of market of small home appliance nod get the upper hand of of electr
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Electric pressure cooker is boiler of traditional high pressure and electric rice cooker upgrade replacement product, it combined the advantage of pressure cooker and electric rice cooker, use stretch pressure lid of dynamic and control, sealed, outward turning, displacement is adjustable the new technology such as switch accusing report, new structure, hermetically sealed cook, pressure is successive and adjustable, solution perplexes the safe hidden trouble with old consumer besides common pressure cooker, its thermal efficiency is more than 80% , report of the province when the province (report of section of rice cooker of the electrify that compare general 30% above) . Current, the pressure cooker of new generation report that undertakes heating with report with safety, set one's mind at, report of energy-saving, province, boil feed fast and delicate, need not the advantage such as guard, replace a tradition to enrage heating high-pressured boiler in order to light gradually, make new generation " safe cooking Great Master " .

2006, market of electric pressure cooker is overall present what grow gradually to go situation, market dimensions is 2.6 million, turnover is 1.2 billion yuan, appeared 2007 reverse times growth, market gross amounts to 6 million, turnover amounts to 2.8 billion yuan. The market potential with electric tremendous pressure cooker and relatively sizable gain drew the look of many home appliance manufacturers, large quantities of enterprises come in great numbers. To the end of 2006, the whole nation has 200 not less than 60 production companies, brands. At present before market sales volume 5 brand is beautiful respectively, Su Bo Er, boss, double happiness, 9 this world, they held the market share of 70% above. Electric pressure cooker already walked out of the times of dispute of a large number of heroes, market of electric pressure cooker will have the old brand of actual strength lead by a few a few. Although beautiful just entered industry of electric pressure cooker in July 2005, but sell advantage and excellent product quality by right of powerful brand appeal force, terminal, beautiful electric pressure cooker carried good sale state, held the market share of 40% above, rank the first.

According to Zhong Yikang market of cards of before countrywide report pressure cooker 10 best selling goods had rate and price to show in Feburary 2008, the average price of electric pressure cooker is controlled in 500 yuan, it is already a lot of cheaper that the price of 1000 goes up at every turn when city of Yuan Bigang face, this also makes electric pressure cooker enters home of common common people to become a possibility. How lead report pressure cooker popularize tide, make electric pressure cooker becomes elephantine wave small furnace to gain ground euqally model product, becoming the issue that each manufacturer ponders over.

1, the product that provides human nature to change more goes to the lavatory consumer

In October 2006, 4 enterprises such as beautiful group start the trade of Chinese home appliance that hold water jointly the first patent is allied -- alliance of patent of electric pressure cooker holds water formally, its patent pool already amounted to 45 into pool patent, cover love heart, 9 this world, happy amount to, Shang Pengtang, Kang Bao, achieve enlighten, 15 brands such as benefit benevolence, double happiness, Le Bang, boss. Alliance builds patent pool internally, realize patent across license and intellectual property interest to share, promote patent industrialization; Develop associated dimension power external, promote an industry the doorsill, make big market jointly. The product of electric pressure cooker that allied member produces occupies the 70% above of share of market of countrywide report pressure cooker. These are used by the license " Piao type construction " the virgin member that patent much home company becomes this alliance, will right tort person take collective law action. Uphold the legal right of oneself, indirect also ground weakened pressure cooker of other trademark report in the market have rate.
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