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Brand of sex of mark of industry of China of body of ascend of river of money of
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Recently, chinese brand academy published list of brand of sex of mark of industry of the 2nd China, this second review a 288 China trade in all mark sex brand, a list of names posted up on 3 brands such as our city Su Bo Er, lapidary, Qian Jiang, among them Su Bo Er continues to hold a title do not stick brand of sex of boiler industry mark.

Brand of sex of Chinese industry mark is " actor is chosen actor " , every countrywide industry assess a brand, have uniqueness and exclusiveness, the highest brand that is Chinese enterprise is honorary, also be China show figure external " national calling card " .

This second choosing is Chinese brand academy afterwards after 2006, brand of sex of mark of industry of China of the 2nd assess. My province shares 48 brands selected, after becoming afterwards Guangdong the biggest win the home, double selected amount is a province of row tertiary Shandong. Provincial the city that wins Chinese industry to indicate sexual brand amount is maximum is carry on is promoted, it is 10, hangzhou 9, wen Zhou and peaceful wave each 8. The Qian Jiang that the our city adds newly and gem indicate twice sexual brand, cent belongs to Chinese autocycle industry and industry of Chinese sewing machine.

the part of brand of the 3rd China that will hold on October 10 this year, will hold prize-giving ceremony of brand of sex of Chinese industry mark. In the meantime, via Chinese postal accredit, chinese brand academy will publish stamp of special subject of mark sex brand inside year.