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Spoon of boiler bowl gourd ladle rises in price sadly
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Because the raw material such as rolled steel rises in price,sign up for Zhengzhou dispatch today, the cooking utensils such as the spoon of boiler bowl gourd ladle with the metallic qualitative ability on Zhengzhou market rises in price sadly, the most rising adjacent 40% .
Yesterday, inn of garden of blue waves of alive Ji Lianhua discovers Zhengzhou citizen fourth lady, before her paragraph the price of the pressure cooker of Er of a Su Bo that time takes a fancy to rose directly from 329 yuan 459 yuan, went up 130 yuan, go up adjacent 40% . "I still think is the supermarket hits a fault valence autograph, asking a salesperson ability knows is all fronts rose in price. " fourth lady says.
According to Su Bo the salesperson of Er cooking utensils introduces, begin from June 28, the cooking utensils collective below banner of Su Bo Er rises in price, among them the product such as the high-pressured boiler with stainless steel qualitative material, grandma boiler, a pot for steaming food rises in price range is bigger, go up on average more than 25% , the cooking utensils with alloy qualitative material rises in price extent is in 20% the left and right sides. Tone shows on valence sheet, even if is the Su Bo with old sale diameter of Er old money boiler of high pressure of alloy of case of 24 centimeters of evaporate, also went up by 199 yuan 229 yuan, rose 30 yuan.
The reporter sells an investigation discovery in other and large supermarket and home appliance subsequently, no matter be the cooking utensils of the cooking utensils of well-known trademark or minor brand, as long as it is metallic ability is qualitative, from price hundreds of yuan pressure cooker arrives the stainless steel ladle of a few yuan of money, the price has different rate rise.
And causing the cause that rise in price is, since this year March the abidance of the raw material price such as rolled steel goes tall.
The salesperson of red double happiness of enterprise of pressure cooker old brand also expresses, they are in what had received manufacturer early before a many month rise in price announcement, at present nevertheless they still have more goods in stock in Zhengzhou market, can prop up period of time.