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Wen Zhou: Electric cooking utensils is very popular sales volume of partial hutc
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Liquid gas is more and more expensive, electromagnetism furnace in former days kitchen electric equipment of high price is in stealthily however depreciate, then many citizens begin to convert report cooks cook food. Recently, the reporter visits the urban district report of a few everybody sells a discovery, sales volume of kitchen electric equipment and increased compared to the same period last year nearly 30% , the product also is in ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, attract many citizens to buy, the electric equipment of kitchen of our city citizen changes rate taller and taller.

The reporter is in the urban district yesterday the discovery inside 100 home appliance, sundry kitchen home appliance occupied bazaar first floor almost " half of country " , all sorts of product full of beautiful things in eyes such as crock of stewpan of Bao of meal of electromagnetism furnace, report, report, hot water, microwave oven, almost every kinds of product has ten to be able to offer an alternative to about a hundred model therefore, if electromagnetism furnace has nearly 100 kinds of choices that wait for more than 10 brands to on 1000 yuan from 199 yuan; Join number of bazaar first floor not much " balcony exhibits an area " , 4 well-known trademarks are in sale kitchen home appliance.

General manager of 100 home appliance is in charge of little hero to tell a reporter, even if the sale in home appliance of 67 months of this kind of kitchen is off-season, when bazaar is most a day still can work off furnace of many 100 electromagnetism, brand of certain a gleam of can sell nearly 60 electromagnetism one day oven. "Unit price of this kind of small home appliance is inferior, can occupy bazaar to always sell amount however 30% the left and right sides, and occupied at most last year 10% , 20% . " the reporter understands, especially the product such as jug of stewpan of electromagnetism furnace, report, electric heat, sales volume growth is very rapid, on the whole with grew nearly 30% compared to the same period last year, brand of individual a gleam of is far more than still this scale.

Kitchen home appliance sells outstanding achievement beautifully, rise in price to matter quite with near future liquid gas. Expressing in citizen Mr Liu of furnace of electromagnetism of choose and buy, can consider to buy electromagnetism oven far from previously, "The price does not poor, cost report, the kitchen utensils and appliances of form a complete set is expensive still, be unaccustomed to use really. " and the price of steel bottle liquid gas rises now 100 multivariate, see electromagnetism furnace again later, he discovers in former days costly product depreciates not only again and again, still add commonly send a kitchen utensils and appliances, and section report function returns good, "General one hour is used for a time report, appear use cost is gasser than using cheap still dot. Appear use cost is gasser than using cheap still dot..
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