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Director of Su Bo Er is mad " boiler "
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Go up century the Ning Hao that 70 time are born, directed to compare " mad stone " the victory of the madder little motion picture that make -- 3 million yuan investment, box-office income breaks through 20 million yuan.

Su Xianze of 36 years old, reach its father Su Zengfu, also did to allow the same trade likewise " mad " thing -- will marry outside Su Bo Er French SEB group. Evolve subsequently those who go out is about " a boiler involves industrial security " discuss greatly.

The thing is such. On August 14, su Bo Er announces, sign agreement of strategic collaboration framework with French SEB group, trade entirely after finishing, the stock of SEB hold will achieve 52.7 % to come between 61 % , those who become Su Bo Er is absolutely control a partner.

But, subsequently circumstance is broken made, "Explode makings " following sb's heels and come. On August 17, su Bo Er is easy advocate have be contrary to change acceptance; On August 22, before ranking industry of our country cooking utensils 3 love be an official amounts to group high level urgent drive go to Beijing, combine double happiness to wait subsequently other submit a written statement to a higher authority of 5 person of the same trades is in charge of association, the appeal makes stop to be bought this about the branch, if fearing if succeed,this is bought, will make death warrant to other company. Object one billow crossing one billow high.

Do not think however, on August 31, of Su Bo Er temporarily high bank note of shareholder plenary meeting invests plan through the strategy of SEB. More the message says, love Shi Dazhi so force advocate object Su Bo Er be bought, because,be this year in March, love be an official is amounted to had signed equity to make over intent book with SEB, however not what expect accomplishs finally is Er of competitor Su Bo.

The closest explode expecting is, association of Chinese hardware products stands in Su Bo Er at the same time, because association director Zhang Dong stands,be hold trustee of independence of Su Bo Er part-time, lieutenancy comes from October 2003 October 2006. Because " a boiler " , industry of domestic cooking utensils is immersed in a disorder.

Also be this about " a boiler involves industrial security " saliva battles, the awkwardness that highlights a place of industry of domestic cooking utensils to be faced with -- the shortage of capital and technology. Su Xianze of president of Su Bo Er says frankly, if as not joint-stock as foreign capital, su Bo Er also can step down step by step. But the enterprise faces two difficult problem however: It is the capital shortage that high speed development brings firstly, it is technical deficient secondly. If " after two incorporate, (of Su Bo Er) produce can with home the 2nd pulled open very large space " . To love Shida, likewise such.

According to this logic, the change of destiny of industry of domestic cooking utensils, can you place a hope only at introducing foreign capital?
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