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Happy beautiful boiler has phenanthrene be an official wonderful and infinite
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Fry boiler to make clothing, spoon makes neck ring, cong Qinhan arrives of Tang Dynasty evolve, the confluence with kitchen utensils and appliances and perfect fashionable dress is together. On June 7 afternoon, german humble Shi Leli uses the tub of boiler bowl gourd ladle in the kitchen, collect in golden standard general merchandise the vogue that inn outfield performed a having sth new is beautiful, revealed a kitchen to bring infinite joy of the person.

Happy according to phenanthrene be an official commerce (Shanghai) Mr.Loo of limited company general manager tells a reporter, phenanthrene Shi Le had taken 160 old histories, between this, what communicate " cooking is to live no longer method, and the communication instrument that makes person and person " a kind of life style that the concept is representing phenanthrene Shi Le. Mention this kind of life style, mr.Loo respecting, cooking, it is to cook not just, a lot of moment, invite a friend to come have a meal in the home, between this process, everybody cooks together, be in those who experienced the fun that cook, promotional still affection, can say, cooking has been become and the means of a kind of communication of family, friend. Of course, healthy diet, it is the fashionable lifestyle that happy place of phenanthrene be an official advocates likewise.

In addition, mr.Loo earlies childhood, the pursuit of happy product of phenanthrene be an official to healthy cate is not reflected merely in data side, more important is cooking method -- with little oil energy-saving give priority to. It is reported, happy pressure cooker of phenanthrene be an official can make 3 food at the same time inside a boiler, and won't change flavour; Fry boiler to use without oily, anhydrous arrange, such, solved the heavy oil problem of housewife already, withheld raw ingredient and health again. ,