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Su Bo Er is seleted countrywide market sales volume again banner brand
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On March 30, sponsor by center of information of business of industry of China of national statistic bureau " dozenth a countrywide market sales volume is banner brand news news briefing " , collect the cacique brand of all trades and professions in people congress hall again. Precede in the sales volume of market of 2007 year whole nation that publish in the brand, su Bo Er is seleted again on a list of names posted up, make the brand of be far ahead of sales volume of market of domestic cooking utensils, small home appliance.
Depend on research and development of powerful brand dominant position, technology and innovation ability, su Bo Er already became the person that domestic cooking utensils and small home appliance make the navigate of the industry at present, overall outstanding achievement maintains growth of high speed of 30 % above 8 years continuously. Pressure cooker of product of cooking utensils brunt is successive 8 years the market has rate firm house the first, yu Jing of be far ahead contends for adversary; The market of Bao of meal of report of product of small home appliance and electromagnetism furnace is had rate jump house home the 2nd. According to authoritative orgnaization brand investigation shows: Su Bo Er is in domestic trademark is well-known degree for beauty of 82 % , brand praise degree for 78 % .
As we have learned, countrywide market sales volume precedes brand information is released every year, it is by business of industry of China of national statistic bureau information releases a center to sponsor, it is selection standard with the market sale of the brand, the supply and demand that basically reflects consumable market goods is fluctuant, feature of market of descriptive China consumable and forecast prospective trend to change, it is industry of our country economy provides definitive information to release most, also be most consumable of can intuitionistic report one of standards of share of each brand market, by the personage inside course of study praise be Chinese economy " barometer " .