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Su Xianze the wisdom of Chinese cooking industry leader driving businessmen
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August 1994, has accumulated more than 6000 million of funds under Su's father set up Supor (002,032, stock it), and up the English name "SU-POR" - as the English "SUPER (super)" can not serve as business registration, Zhejiang Department of Biology, Graduate University of the Soviet Union changed the small one letter, hoping to become the next great brand. In early 1995, Supor launched its own new standard pressure cooker. Fought for a decade in the business, Su Xianze has grown into a wise businessman, he rode the industry's leading Chinese cooking, Chinese food culture to make a determination of the advocates. For him, the summer of 2004 with an extraordinary significance. "Teflon" event so that he suffered from a real crisis, listing the day "break" so that he experienced a failure. In adverse circumstances, he and his The Supor Cookware Co., Ltd., assess the situation calmly, reversing the situation, highlights the crisis public relations skills. Individualized Reading Business Outlook ● experienced the most difficult event: not encountered before. ● feel the most proud thing: No, the way life should be proud every day. ● most want to hear their assessment of: humility. ● key success factors: focus, from the initial career began to demand of myself to do the best, most professional thing to do, years we have been guided by its commitment: to stay in the Chinese culinary culture, their own marks. ● the quality of your employees value most: hard work, the hero Mowen source, a person has achieved the performance and qualifications can only represent the past, if the quality is not hard, he will always live in the past, many key corporate employees ", who "Is not good, but now have become their own experts in the field. View of life ● that the most important in life: happiness, Life is all happy? ● children at home often say, is: Today, happy? I hope the people around every day happy, of course, including my children, so every child is going to be very happy to share with me. ● How much vacation time a year, favorite place to travel: one month, a happy place. ● percentage of the week to eat at home: 1 / 3. ● The main way to fitness: Tennis. Concept of wealth ● early entrepreneurial view of money and now what is the difference: no, been less concerned about money, concerned about the ability to improve on their own. ● money where the most people happy: the respect and help others, of contributing to society. ● What kind of consumer advocate on the concept of the family: do not waste, thrifty. ● The most popular brands are: Mont Blanc.