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ASTAR cookware industry in China was rated as excellent enterprise
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Recently, twenty times the national cookware industry information exchange will be solemnly held in Tianjin, at which Electric Co., Ltd. Zhejiang ASD cookware industry in China was rated as an excellent enterprise, the company was named chairman of China Chen-Lin Excellent cookware industry entrepreneurs. Since 1986, the National cookware industry with the pace of reform and opening up, step by step from a planned economy to market economy, created from small to large, from weak to strong development of a miracle to achieve business management from the family Model to a modern enterprise management model. According to incomplete statistics, there are a certain size more than 2,000 enterprises manufacturing cooking utensils, income scale of 500 million yuan metal kitchen utensils and tableware products companies in recent 800. Product category, series, species, and others have very large capacity increase and a qualitative leap. One after another with domestic and international market competitiveness and influence of the business continue to emerge. Successful implementation of the international strategy, and promote Into the "Made in China" quality standards, product internationalization of Chinese cooking has laid a strong foundation. In recognition of the cookware innovation within the industry to actively promote the development of the industry, in the cookware industry in the development of better business and personal, in the twenty-second national cookware industry information exchange will be held, the national daily hardware Industry Productivity Promotion Center, China Daily Hardware Technology Development Center, National Hardware Industry Information Center, "hardware technology" jointly organized by the magazine "National cookware industry, exchange of information twenty times superior cookware industry enterprises Industry Award, Entrepreneur Excellence Award, Award of successful enterprises, successful entrepreneurs, Best Innovation Award ", ASD with excellent operating performance, leading edge of innovation and good industry reputation and brand power gains rate And personal "Double Excellence Award."