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From " sell a site " to " buy a place " , what is the enterprise doing
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Mention product market extends a plan, what we think of the first times is to want to be modelled for the product give a canorous to sell a site. No matter go up from mechanism, on producing area, on effect, on material, bag mount is waited a moment, metropolis choice can distinguish effectively the individuation that other contest tastes appeals to beg. The goal is very simple, hope to adopt the fixed position of this differentia dissimilation namely, will let consumer learn a product " appearance and ability " , thereby more benefit at the sale. So, what we often see is such and such character on media and propaganda paterial appeals to beg, product an another beautiful code name, stimulating cause client eyeball while, also offend angry the own option of consumer. The enterprise is in assume sth as a matter of course think it is OK to should have been packed from oneself only, the idea that can realize consumer through be being publicized energetically next is occupational, bring considerable sales volume and profit thereby. This kind is the sale thought of active center with enterprise ego completely, be in that " sell a site " to go up times (USP sale) had very good effect really, make the individual that relies on product hype and a batch of companies scored many gain, finished primitive accumulation, become this year the backbone force of industry of our country medicine. Why should transform " buy a place " appeal to beg Below current medical environment, the diversity of the rich sex of the product and market is all-time prosperity, see when the patient much the product with these all kinds of design and color and curious and eccentric market appeal to after begging, tend gradually reason. They are to hear no longer " what does a product use what science and technology, with what what therapeutics treats ** only " when, still can resemble one'sing mind disturbed in that way before, does the eye that already also formed very can sensibly with them however ask in reply " really such? " this asks never mind, the product market that company expenses enrages abstraction to go out energetically locates the likelihood can be finished lose its due effect, bring about a product to sell get half the result with twice the effort thereby even come to nothing. Investigate its reason, it is the enterprise is locating the market of the product does not have the demand according to consumer to set out at the outset those who will make a product be aimed at target consumer " buy a place " . Our country is current the competition of medical market, still not be very sufficient, always around the move is coessential change, low is changed, the travel before mixed and disorderly sex waits a problem a moment. In the production value of whole medicine industry the thousands of state of 100 million issues ability, it is to have the result of enterprise of many 6000 medicine of countrywide and joint efforts of on 10 thousand management companies however. And the development thinking of the enterprise always is met by oneself a few more external perhaps scholastic left and right sides, hear the 3rd terminal is good this year, fling caution to the winds enter; Will discover clinical market is big tomorrow, toughen one's scalp-brace oneself should be participated in among them... and often ignored the fractionize to enterprise oneself product and market. Special in product side, without the demand according to the market executive fixed position travels, such also cannot very good contented consumer demand. View the home appliance trade of our country actually, low dumping of a few years arrived two years this once upon a time stabilize gradually, dead enterprise has each dead way each, and survive come down the enterprise is undoubted and exceptional is the fractionize market that studying oneself seriously, produce a product according to market demand next, carry out " of target consumption group buy a dot to guide politic " obtained right result.
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