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Le Fu of Kunming town home most gate inn the urban district austral settle
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Optional location heart fills commercial square, predicting next year first half of the year practice

South 3 annulus piece the area is living nearly 400 thousand person, actually neither one is large supermarket, shopped to become the troublesome issue of this area resident hard. A few days ago, the reporter learns, the whole world is retail supermarket of tycoon home happy blessing already was signed with square of De Cheng commerce be stationed in a contract. At the appointed time, the supermarket that has business area of 17 thousand square metre will become the supermarket of domestic happy blessing with complete the biggest Kunming. South urban dweller " it is difficult to shop " disconcerted besides will get settlement.

As the development of Kunming city, south 3 annulus piece the area regards burgeoning developing zone as region, what become a citizen gradually is main collect an area. However numerous new Lou Panju still has a few small-sized supermarkets only near road of pool of the An Fulu of collect, another name for Yunnan Province and 10 lis long market, establishment of form a complete set especially the state that large omnibus shopping store lacks is increasingly outstanding. "There is so much person all round, however the supermarket with large neither one, shop very no-go. " Miss Zou that lives in ideal small town is anxious to shop, smooth day labourer makes her busy, can go into town on the weekend only all is bought, light makes a round trip journey is about to waste 9 hours.

"Demand has business chance, and domestic happy blessing and we are early was certain here. " according to De Cheng department of trade of commercial square action makes manager introduction, south live inside 3 annulus limits often live population is adjacent 400 thousand, often live inside the distance that walks 10 minutes only civilian have nearly 100 thousand person. And it is early two years ago, domestic Le Fu expressed the intention in this set up shop. "Square of De Cheng commerce can say is for domestic Le Fu and build. " make a manager express, through effort of two years, both sides had signed formal contract. According to the contract, commercial square predicts De Cheng this year building of the end of the year, and city also predicts domestic Le Fuchao at next year first half of the year practice.

Contain the program of commercial square according to developing business heart, domestic Le Fu sells field general to leave in layer of bazaar just a little, business area 17000 square metre, occupy the floor area of close half of whole business square. "The area of Le Fu of Home Na Bing is 8000 square metre, practice hind will become Kunming home Le Fu here the biggest storefront, be Le Fu of home of Na Bing street one times much. " Kunming home Le Fufa exhibits a ministry to be like a manager to express, at present domestic Le Fuzheng is making be prepared before practice, will enrol nearly 1000 employee newly to be local dweller service at the appointed time.
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