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Care of can of quality of container of Shanghai heat preservation is good wait f
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Sun Ye of Oriental network reporter wants to will report on July 9: Supervisory bureau of Shanghai quality technology announces today supervise selective examination to make clear as a result, the heat preservation container that this city produces a sale produces character to measure can care, product sampling percent of pass is only 5 into, good hair of much, big profit, Yi Chulian is beautiful wait for a supermarket to sell rejected product by exposure.
Product of heat preservation container, go up character from material can divide for container of container of vitreous heat preservation and heat preservation of stainless steel vacuum two kinds, former and common have thermos bottle (thermos flask) , vacuum cup of the bravery inside heat preservation messtin, glass, latter basically is stainless steel vacuum cup. Close 2008 the 2nd quarter, bureau of inspect of city quality ability is right the quality of product of container of daily expense heat preservation of this city production, sale was begun special supervise selective examination. The classics of 41 batch product that selective examination examines, eligible 21 batch, sampling percent of pass is 51.2% . Among them container of stainless steel heat preservation 21 batch, eligible 14 batch, sampling percent of pass is 66.7% ; Container of vitreous heat preservation 20 batch, eligible 7 batch, sampling percent of pass is 35% . Selective examination to make clear as a result, quantity of total constitution of container of the heat preservation on this city market still fares badly.
Container of this second heat preservation selectives examination discovery, of sampling observation product inside bravery sanitation asks to all accord with a country relevant mandatory standard, wholesome index sampling percent of pass is 100% . Selective examination the main unqualified item that discovers rejected product has leak of thermo-efficiency, hot water, capacity tolerance, and impulse withstand wait for 4.
Supervise in the light of this second product selective examination circumstance, bureau of inspect of city quality ability already asked technology of quality of concerned area county supervises a department the regulation of laws and regulations of concerned law of strict according to, be opposite an enterprise of off quality of the product in selectiving examination undertake handling, deadline is rectified and reform. At the same time bureau of inspect of city quality ability executes the law the organization the processing circumstance of the rejected product to concerning a company has personnel supervisory examination, handle gravely lawfully to continueing to sell the business of rejected product, close right increase in order to defend consumer.
In the meantime, the expert reminds vacuum cup to use a note, vacuum cup cannot be filled for a long time put fruit juice, milk, green tea or carbonic acid beverage to wait, when be being used for the first time, need to use neuter scour thoroughly abluent. Want to avoid to collide and be pounded in use process, lest touch bad cup body or plastic, create heat preservation be no longer in force or slack. When screwing snail fills in, want forcibly proper, do not cross force to rotate, lest snail buckles invalidation. Often when drinkable coffee, tea or beverage, bravery can become angry inside this is normal phenomenon, dip in with tooth brush toothpaste can keep clear of.
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