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Su Bo Er: Country of cooking utensils bibcock avoids check
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Su Bo Er: Country of cooking utensils bibcock avoids check

Transaction reason:

One of enterprises of bibcock of industry of domestic cooking utensils. According to statistic, came 1998 2005 " Su Bo Er (17.33, 1.58, 10.03% , ) " card pressure cooker ranks countrywide market 8 years continuously congener product sales volume the first. By 2005, rank of sales volume of home of Bao of company report meal already was achieved the 2nd, electromagnetism furnace is ranked the 5th. "Su Bo Er " the brand already was had taller famous spend and beautiful praise degree. Company product pressure cooker, do not stick boiler to have the honor to win " product of Chinese famous brand " and " the country avoids check product " title.

Investment window:  

(The formulate that 1) company is new standard of pressure cooker country person one of, have the patent technology of 120 multinomial and own research and development at present, the product uses certificate of quality of product of Chinese circumference mark permissibly, partial product still carried American UL attestation, German GS attestation and Chinese state respectively mandatory product 3C attestation.

(Target of 2) distant view, the fixed position of the company is with cooking utensils and kitchen small home appliance is a foundation, top-ranking hutch defends the international that is development direction with kitchen of domestic whole intelligence product manufacturer, the target enters the world for sales revenue the 3rd. The basis is forecasted, if this target goes well, criterion the sale of Su Bo Er will achieve 3 billion yuan 2008, trade of its China and foreign countries reachs 100 million dollar.

(3) extends upriver domain, company share was established in harbor is joint-stock limited company of science and technology of electron of Zhejiang luck heart, produce and sell intelligent controller, carry estate of upper reaches of share small home appliance, accuse technology of key of core of small home appliance and the ability of professional research and development that enhance product of small home appliance to having active sense to the palm.

Risk clew:

Appreciate as RMB continuity and the promotion of manpower cost, the company is facing the greater pressure that produces cost.

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