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Set up shop of national beautiful Guangzhou breaks through 100
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The reporter learns from Guangzhou country beauty yesterday, from November 2002 the United States enters the country since Guangzhou, to the dimensions that already broke through 100 doors inn at present, guangzhou country beauty expresses, the United States is in the country 6 years this to come outspread while also hold to low principle all the time, insist to yield benefit at consumer. More long-term to future development goal, guangzhou country beauty expresses to will continue to hold to " low is politic " , adopt big only cash reserve in a bank to purchase, collect is collected have exclusive selling rights, taste newly alone battalion, poor dissimilation is managed wait for a series of measure that stablize the price.

High group of Guangzhou country beautiful general manager shows, the course is old extensive horse race encircles the ground, outspread train of thought of Guangzhou country beauty begins apparent change. In new development strategy, guangzhou country beauty turns to working centre of gravity by door inn development strengthen door inn to manage, undertake the framework is adjusted constituent. High group points out, compete as the market that is setting with globalization more and more intense, the resource of single organization and ability show its limitation. Implementation of Guangzhou country beauty can develop continuously, must make harmonious manufacturer impact, through changing current trade current situation, reach win-win.