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Of sea Er " day is quiet " of PK Wo Erma " sunset "
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[OKSALES stalks of grain only] the elite that the day Qing Dynasty of sea Er manages is management of sea Er OEC and core. Depend on the author see, the day Qing Dynasty of sea Er manages should be the 5S management with Japan same, be by consecrate in world government hall by the person pay homage to. The first shock that OEC management gives the writer is to come from a very fine detail: Author discovery stuck a little label on the desk and chair of dormitory of sea Er employee, who is the chief that there is every chair on label, this is done not have too curious, the key is who is there still is one column to keeping examination person at the back of chief. It is thus clear that OEC management has arrived deep all sea Er detail, arrive deep the marrow of employee, really " detail of devil consist in " in.

Since the OEC management since sea Er is invented, the Chinese enterprise in an endless stream that looks around to sea Er, OEC management method also becomes the target that numerous enterprise is imitated and studies. But what learn to get OEC government truly is true pass, get its marrow, the Chinese business that pursues be born is not much, one of the at one's leisure of the person that great majority just increased business management talks endowment just. Popular like Chinese great majority government theory is same, after blowing blast do not have a trace. This also is why sea Er can open wide a gate, let the partial account of your visiting study casually: Know you learned, can not learn certainly, learned to be able to be not accomplished certainly, it is not certain to was accomplished can have done.

Although the OEC management of sea Er has had a lot of introductions, the author or much long-winded a few. OEC is OVERALL (all, comprehensive) EVERONE (each) EVERDAY (everyday) EVERYTHING (every thing) CONTROL (controlled) abbreviate. OEC most the concept of core is " day work day finishs, day quiet day is tall " . Tell simply, namely everyday the job is finished everyday, work to should clear and should rise somewhat everyday everyday. OEC management system has 3 parts to comprise: Clear system of cause system, day, incentive system. Tell simply: Want namely above all set target; Complete the work next according to the target and undertake check and be supervisoried, namely day is quiet; The result of last day Qing Dynasty should follow to be being lost to incentive link up with.

What can ensure OEC manages be born is day of clear system, in Haiernei ministry day Qing Dynasty is equal to OEC basically. The organization that the day Qing Dynasty that passes enterprise interior can be carried out as be born assures day Qing Dynasty. Particular operation is as follows: Employee each a day is quiet this, this day is quiet getting on have everyday fixed content: Working target, work is real, beforehand real difference (target and real difference) , main problem, improve content. Be in everyday before coming off work, all employee, it is an unit with the smallest department, sectional director must play, hold everyday day Qing Dynasty is met, every employee him basis day is quiet this record, report today's working content to his director, the target manages a case, main problem is nodded and improve content. Be in charge of the integral circumstance according to sectional employee, undertake sum up and be commentinged on, right outstanding undertake praise and be criticaled with junior employee, backward to be being mixed outstandingly, make losing to incentive measure. Day Qing Dynasty is met, the word grows, without the word short, come according to sectional number and actual condition, time is commonly inside half hours is advisable.
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