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Wo Erma " commentate authority " good much: Zhuang Wujian meaning is in abundant
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Good the management mode that the upstream supplier that what go more again is a model demands profit, what Wo Erma holds to is American small profits but quick turnover, get into the way that sells price difference profit, wo Erma from had bought much since that day, be faced with management mode to go up necessarily " awkward " . Accordingly, wo Erma is strong dismiss an employee is good the backside that is in charge of much higher again, it is for its actually strategy of dilate of big China market and plan a distribution.

A piece " dismiss book " , the likelihood helps Woerma reproduce global retail trade gigantic without bully scene, bring the trouble that following sb's heels and comes possibly also to it.

On March 19, 2008, the administer below Wo Erma is good 18 Taiwan book runs the division such as Duohuadong and Hua Na high the dismiss book that got Wo Erma headquarters, the recruiting contract that expresses to will expire in March will renew the contract no longer. This is Woerma into advocate good the first time after much supermarket drives away stage book actively to manage a layer. Before this, also Ceng Youhao manages a layer to leave in succession more again, but be to stem from all sorts of him reasons to offer resignation, such lot take the person's case never had happened before this.

Wo Erma is done so, be after all why?

Once was good run a sale more again " gem " , but when should needing give up for the interest, even if is " gem " also be like " straw " kind be abandoned. This is 18 of dismiss tall canals people collective " aspirations " .

In be in charge of high by the 18 stages book of dismiss, hua Dong area has 14, hua Na area has 3, china the area has 1 on the west, they had been held the position of respectively post of pair of above of total, assistant manager of the branch such as business of the business of much supermarket company, commodity, action, have 4 among them had better store of shop of much supermarket door is long. Their age comes 60 years old in 45 years old between, had been in the average length of service that serves more again 5 years of above, among them the longest is it is good to was participated in the patriarch class cadre that much supermarket establishs, what length of service amounts to 11 years is long.

At that time they by good regard as more again talent, regard as the treasure of the enterprise. Apply for had entered much supermarket, had followed many dozens spelled so much year, had better found more again, development, although do not have fatigue of have rendered great service,also have hard work. Especially, good 2007 the sale of 32 doors inn grows area of much Hua Dong compared to the same period 25% , and sale grew scale to have 2.9% only compared to the same period 2006; Shanghai area 9 good the sale of much door inn is more exceeded 25% . Good although the growth of much outstanding achievement has reason of other in many ways, but the effort that provides personnel high with these stage book is not divided. Now, say dismiss an employee with respect to dismiss, and be compelled immediateness was taken away that day, emotionless but character. This is them completely only then expect do not.
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