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Imprint in Nuojiya market heavy keep a tally of a transaction before entering it
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Tycoon of this Finnish mobile phone is being exhausted in can consolidating it is in, imprint the Wang Zhe of market of two old main mobile phones position

The Wang Ni Ni to Beijing (transliteration) for, choose a mobile phone that admire in the heart to be not tickler. At the beginning of this year March, photograph of this the person that do poineering work became medium a Nuojiya the company is new the adore that roll out (LAmour) series mobile phone, its design high elegance, aureate airframe acts the role of the flowers totem that feels character with etching. She says: "I with respect to settle on it. " price of this mobile phone does not poor, be as high as 470 dollars, and in inn still do not have merchandise on hand at that time, she must wait for ability on a few hours to take a mobile phone. Miss Wang does not mind, she has a special liking to this mobile phone. She still recommends this mobile phone to her friend, she says: "Other design I distain to be considered. "Other design I distain to be considered..

Jiewalaer Pituodiya is Nuojiya as much the faithful user of the mobile phone. This Bombay fruiterer of 27 years old peddles Ceng Zheng day to walk along a street to string together alley in this city, peddle orange, apple and banana. Last year in September, pituodiya spent 56 dollars to buy the first his mobile phone, that is a simple and durable Nuojiya 1100. Nowadays, he sits carefree and contently below chromatic sunshade, give oneself and the vendor around with the phone people solicit business, can earn 10 dollars everyday. Pituodiya says: "My Ceng Shi used much money mobile phone, but Nuojiya mobile phone most human nature is changed. " he says proudly still: "In street pedlar, I am the person that only has a mobile phone. I am the person that only has a mobile phone..

Compare with photograph of manufacturer of other mobile phone, nuojiya the company mixes Miss Wang a few brethrens are more close together behind Pituodiya and them ground connection was in one case. In China and India, mobile phone tycoon calculates this Finland to go up is top brand. Nuojiya competed this in China last year the share that 31 % hold about on intense market, 10% of outclass Motolora company. The mobile phone is in Nuojiya big China area (the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan) sale is jumped rose 28% , amount to 4.5 billion dollar. Today, this area has made this company's biggest market, 11% what hold business total of its whole world about, compared to the same period American market is occupied only 8% . In India, nuojiya held the market share of 60 % , the sale last year is 1 billion dollar about. This company predicts 2010, india will make market of its the 2nd old mobile phone.

However, nuojiya company not at this point go no further: This year on March 11, this company is in city of Indian south haven near Madelasi, invested 150 million dollar to build plant of the first India, predict to manufacture mobile telephone of 20 million low every year, use at this locality market and exit. Meanwhile, this company returns extend its factory in Chinese Dongguan, dimensions will increase one times.
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