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100 beautiful supermarket loses a lawsuit to develop business to be sentenced to
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Between land agent and shopkeeper because although problem frequency is sent,rent dispute, but go to law< truly those who litigate is bright however have case.
Recently, last a period of time square of Ming Feng of Dongguan large market and Li Jiacheng follower the desk of dispute of the contract that rent of 100 beautiful supermarket falls eventually next heavy curtain. According to Guangdong the final judgment of court of intermediate people of province Dongguan city adjudicates, 100 beautiful supermarket loses a lawsuit, recoup pecuniary loss of square of Dongguan Ming Feng 4.31 million yuan.
Its source removes a when both sides signed on May 26, 2005 " book of the intent of square of Ming Feng of Dongguan city large market that rent " . Disclose according to just be when the thing when front courtyard careful, the 100 beautiful supermarket below Hong Kong and yellow flag is in the joint-stock company of Dongguan -- trade of Dongguan city nation supermarket limited company (next weighing " country trade " ) contact square of Dongguan Ming Feng for many times since 2003, express to hope the property that rent offers 100 beautiful supermarket.
Both sides talks things over for many times later, sign finally " book of the intent that rent " , agree first You Mingfeng square according to the country trade demand, to its property undertakes transforming reaching purchasing installing the equipment such as air conditioning, elevator, next what both sides signs lease to be 10 years again is formal the contract that rent. After intent bookmark is ordered, come during April 2006, trade returns the country to wait for means through fax and email, to Ming Feng square puts forward project project to rebuild the requirement that reachs equipment side and announcement.
According to the requirement, bright abundant square chases after addend 1 million yuan of investment finished corresponding project to transform purchase installation to work with equipment, ming Feng respect did not disclose specific amount. But 2007 Ming Feng square be about to before 3 months of practice, be informed by 100 beautiful supermarket however, for business charter of the support that did not get head office and this locality, reject to be signed with bright abundant square rent a contract formally, one-sided cancelled bilateral collaboration. Meanwhile, 100 beautiful supermarket is garrisoned however from Ming Feng square is not worth 500 meters, be in same a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale in the circle be filled with sharp edge shopping square, and at practice of the end of the year of of the same age.
"Such behavior violated honest credence principle badly, to Ming Feng square is direct, indirect caused very big pecuniary loss. " Dongguan Ming Feng is industrial Liu Wangzhi of president of investment limited company expresses to the reporter, they are final the state trade tells a court. Through the lawsuit that first instance is as long as 2 years to final judgment, the court all adjudicates bright abundant square to win the lawsuit. It is reported, bright abundant square introduces Shenzhen everybody at present happy as brunt inn, and already practice.
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