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It is good to left 10 years inn of much great undertaking closed last night clos
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Today, before Sha of Sha of dest clerk Zhao won't stand in that familiar bar, smiling to greet a visitor, and citizen collect a peach-shaped thing is sweet begin to consider should go to which supermarket to shop henceforth. This two the individual's changes, by good inn of much great undertaking is caused -- , last night 10 when, this inn closes formally close down. This is meant, stood tall and upright 10 years " par supermarket " good will exit group of flourishing trade of saline city mouth temporarily more again. Good say with all possible means again, withdrawing this is because of field the contract expires completely, landlord does not wish to continue to hire their be caused by. Emphasize: Earnings of the corresponding period grows great undertaking store first half of the year this year 8 % , not be competition absolutely intense be caused by. Current, good much headquarters already selected his site additionally in Chengdu, great undertaking inn also will be inside 3 months Nie huge rock.

The spot

Low of close down eve sells scare buying upsurge

Yesterday afternoon 3 when, city of Chengdu of assault of a cloudburst, but heavy rain did not drench extinguish is good the scare buying of the client inside inn of much great undertaking is enthusiastic. The electric motor-car of the doorway had stopped a full to the brim, still many clients are carrying plastic cloth on the head to be gone to continuously rush in inn. "Today is the last day, the thing is very cheap, must buy a place more. " collect peach sweet mother and daughter shifted a car into bazaar, manner is dye-in-the-wood.

"Acknowledgment has you, give me brilliant; Acknowledgment has you, let me grow. This inn on July 10 22: 00 close a business. " the upper part that recieves a stage, hanging a such banner. Sha of Sha of dest clerk Zhao keeps to a few return unwitting client explanation: "Today is the last day, will not open the door tomorrow. " " the house that we are the others that hire more very, the contract expired others does not hire us again, so we are about to take away. So we are about to take away..

Sell in the home appliance behind her, had been a bleak picture: "All X is folded " below label, outside remaining a few fanner and DVD only, on major bar already absolutely empty. " filled up with before electric equipment, go here, those sales promotion member much actively comes up to explain to you, now of voidance... " ground of sweet deep feeling says Luo Tao, her home lives around saline city mouth, because the thing here is very cheap, she from 1998 this inn opens business to often shop in this, although she is in before know this inn wants stop business, but rambled 10 years in this, still hate to part with a bit.

Articles for daily use and snacks bar still have a few article, but the price is low unexpected. Luo Tao is sweet mosquito-repellent incense of liquid of electric heat of a few rainbow was grabbed in the crowd, so 12.9 yuan fell 8.5 yuan of present, every buy to give dew of a bottle of bath even.
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