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Ocean general merchandise is low-key Lai Yu
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Retail trade " general merchandise maniac " the Yang Jiaping of optional location of ocean general merchandise that Wang Deming achieves, its enrol trade advertisement to appeared in shopping mall of Home Yang level ground recently. 3 years ago, wang Cong liberates tablet enlighten president of health general merchandise allows to go up leave.

On the light course station of shopping mall of Home Yang level ground, one building is being hanged considerably gules placard, announced ocean general merchandise to enrol trade news. The reporter dials Wang Deming telephone, the other side confirms ocean already was entered be stationed in Chongqing, but do not wish to talk about management train of thought greatly, will plan to wait for detail henceforth. Turn and seek the solution to preparatory place of Chongqing ocean general merchandise, the place chief says, at present a lot of things still are being prepared in, inconvenience is released external.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, yang Jiaping of optional location of ocean general merchandise, those who take a fancy to is amount of general merchandise of this trade group in city the amount in group of 5 big trade is less, area of 9 dragon slope consumes ability potentially strong. The website of ocean general merchandise shows, already opened 9 branches such as Fuzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing in the whole nation at present, business gross area exceeds 320 thousand square metre, its commodity all locates in high-grade.