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The American shopkeeper that Wo Erma heads sells a state to rebound
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Shopkeeper announces sale data is good June at anticipating, because taxpayer continues last month,get confederative drawback check in succession. Wo Erma (Wal-Mart Stores Inc. ) amplitude of the sale that be the same as inn achieves several years to come top level.

The benzine of 4 dollars and food cost climb every gallon that this one result and consumer are faced with the pressure that raise forms bright contrast. But sale exceeds the partial shopkeeper that heads with Woerma to anticipate it is certain to be in generally may be to suffer the defray that stimulative step causes to drive on degree.

Wo Erma of the biggest shopkeeper announces the whole world, the United States that will not include fuel June grows 5.8% with inn sale, the anticipation that is head and shoulders above the 2%-4% that makes last month amplitude.

Advertisement this company improvement of this ascribe weather and drawback check. Business of United States of fertile Er Ma is in charge of Eduardo Castro-Wright to say, business of this company base is driving, basically have banner advantage because of its price, offerred product location is exact and the experience inside better shop makes the client lasts presence.

This company points out, state of flat TV sale is driving.

Look into future, this company predicts to will sell growth 2%-4% with inn July, every accrual is quarter of the 2nd finance about 82-84 cent, the 78-81 cent that prep above predicts before this. Share price of fertile Er Ma dish before go up less than 1% , to 58 dollars.

Shangmusen / the road sells an index with inn fully (month of Thomson Reuters Same Store Sales Index) 6 predicts to grow 2.4% , with on year the corresponding period keeps balance. Do not include Woerma, this index predicts to grow 1.1% , go up year of the corresponding period for 2.4% .

Below current environment, discount business shows scene. Costco Wholesale Corp. Night before last is announced with inn the sale will grow 9% June. American market increase rate is 9% , price of more expensive gas contributed 4 percent amplitude. International market increase rate is 11% , the influence with eliminate fatigued and weak dollar, increase rate is 8% .

The competitor BJ with lesser dimensions ' S Wholesale Club Inc. Sale will grow 16.5% June, benzine of profit from of amplitude of half the number is sold.

The market predicts dress interlinks inn before this the total sale that be the same as inn glides 4% , main because predict Gap Inc. Glide 12% . But actual this company sale glides 7% , old Navy sale glides 10% , fall a half that expects for the analyst about. Sale of Gap 5 month glides 25% . Gap dish before go up 3% , to 16.68 dollars.

Limited Inc. Sale of a few months is remarkable and fatigued and weak recently, this company is announced the sale will glide June 9% , fall exceed anticipate.

General merchandise inn also struggles in reluctance in, before predicting this, total sale glides 2.6% . J.C. Penney Co. Predict sale will glide June before 4-6% , the industry weight of this company is the greatest. The sale that this company announces actually glides 2.4% . This company predicts sale will glide July 4-7% , because the depreciation activity of a week gave return to school after the vacation last year,show July.
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